Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas Visit to Aunty Mo

Today Tony and l went to visit Aunty Mo in Lenham, Kent. As the weather was better we decided to take a chance and go and take her out to Sunday Lunch. On the way we saw this very strangely decorated shed, selling Christmas Weaths. 

Although this area had a lot of snow, most of what had been on the road was now slush at the edge of the road. Yuck!
This car must have slid on ice at some time, was abondoned and now surrounded by dirty slush!

This was what met us when we hit the Motorway....miserable! The cloud, snow and the grey sky reminded me of Winter time in Luxembourgh!
I just had to take an image of this tree because it just seem to shine, standing in a field all on it's own surrounded by snow.

The marks on the hillsides told us that adults and children had a great time sliding down these hills on sledges! Bet they had a great time.

As my beloved husband had done his usual thing and got us here an hour early for lunch...we stopped off at the services for a toilet stop and a cup of coffee. The amount of snow on the table shows you how much fell last night.
 Meet the resident Motorway Service's snowman..little but the only one around!

 A very nice looking coffee, quite bitter but it help to get me warm again!
This row of houses always makes me smile because they are small, rickerty and the roof is all bent, twisted and lower at one end. When our children were small, they thought a witch or maybe the seven drawfs lived there.
Oh sky over Lenham Village!
 Just love sheep!
These two children with their face painted, look as if they have started the Christmas Fair off already! The village square was being turned into a fair ground with Morris Dancers, fairground turns, a stage, hot food and a large Christmas Tree...all waiting for the lights and the Christmas Tree to be turned on, later in the evening.

 Don't you just love this guy's hat and velvet coat?
Another happy face painted child...not sure what she was meant to be but she was happy so it doesn't really matter does it?
Anyone for a Father Christmas Balloon? Just after l took this image, one of them got loose and floated up into the sky. There was a shout from the crowd..."Oh look mummy, there is Father Christmas up in the sky but where are his reindeer"?
 The local Town Crier just about to do his bit with his voice and the hand bell.
 Christmas lights at Auntie Mo's.
 The snow in the flower pots, outside the flats at Aunty Mo's really did look as if it was sparkling like diamonds.....beautiful.
 This is what it was like at 16.00 hours as we started our journey home!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Brr I say -- everybody looked as if they were having a swell time though! I bet your Aunty was happy to see you.

BTW, Tony sounds like my Bill -- he always wants to be early!

Nathalie said...

Whoa, you're lucky: there's no snow in my area. There was some a few weeks ago but now it's rain, rain and more rain.

Nice to see you're still up to so much. i wish I was as active ;-) Hope you're well.