Sunday, December 12, 2010

A visit to Tetbury and Cirencester playing Father Christmas!

As the weather was bright skies and sunshine today, Sunday, we decided to play Father Christmas and go to see my sister and her family in Tetbury and Cirencester. 
We passed sailing boats on the River in the Hampton Court Area...brr. The sun may be out but it was still really cold today!!

 The building in the next image is part of an amazing complex of buildings that until recently was part of the Water Board. We now think it is for sale to be redeveloped, probably into flats.Wow..l bet they will be amazing, high ceilings and very unusual windows.
Only caught a little of this mural in the underpass but, as we went further round the roundabout, l could see the rest of it. It was very colouful and looked fantastic. Wonder who did it and how long it took them to paint it?.
Can you see the tiny Hot Air Balloon in the sky? We followed it for ages and then it turned and came right over us on the Motorway and l was able to get a better image.

Just before we got to Tetbury, we stopped to have a coffee and something to eat in a Service Station and as we were parking we saw a Micro Light, praticing in the small airfield next door.
 He seemed to be having a great time swooping and gliding all over the field. I found it great to watch but the sound of his motor spoils it slightly for me.
 While we were having our meal sitting next to a full length glass, l looked out and saw this tiny wagtail having a quick drink and a walk around the concrete roof.

 The next image in this collection, is of the very beautiful Christmas Tree which was in the Service Station concourse.
 In the carpark l found these rooks(?) which l think look so comical. I think what makes me laugh is their beaks!
 The next 8 images are of the sky over 2 hours before sunset. We were really lucky with the weather today but the sky gave us some gorgeous colours to look at, especially the last image which l love!

 This is not a tree but a weed by the side of the road, which l was able to take while queuing to go round a roundabout.

 My favourite.....taken at about 65mph on the M4!
 Welcome to Tetbury! I used to live here for a while when my son was born 34 years ago! We were delivering Christmas presents to my nephew and his family.
 The building in the centre of the town, which is painted yellow,  has been beautifully decorated with fairy lights and quite a few Christmas Trees.
 From Tetbury we went to Cirencester to see my sister and deliver the rest of the presents to my other 2 nieces and their families. We just happened to arrive when there was a German Christmas Fair on in the square. The market area was beautifully lit up and the smells from the Mulled Wine and Christmas Spice Stall were just gorgeous!

 Sad memories from Remembrance Day and the men and women who have lost their lives in the name of Peace.
 Cirencester's Christmas Tree....very blue!


Dayna Collins said...

Now I'm the jealous one! Wish I could pay YOU a visit!

lynda Howells said...

Any time my friend..anytimexx

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Happy Holidays Lynda! Your countryside looks very beautiful in these pictures -- not really Wintery at all.

We are off for Florida this week (and it is even chilly there).

lynda Howells said...

Can't imagine Florida as chilly!! When we went there from when we lived in Nassau..Florida was never cold!!! hard to believe..poor people.x lynda