Sunday, December 26, 2010

Walk in the woods....Part 2!

These are the images l didn't publish from my work and snowman building the other day!.oh l do love snow!
 The gardens in the state are normally nice but covered in snow l feel as if l am in Wonderland/Narnia!
 This lamp-post outside my apartment looks really romantic covered in snow. gritter last night then!

 Can you see the fence at the back of this is around the tennis court. I have never seen snow on the fence like this before..wind must have been quite strong last night.
 Doesn't Nature do a good job at decorating a Christmas Tree? Stunning.
Normally this tree doesn't look anything but sprinkle it with snow and hey presto...transformed into something amazing.

 How to make a birdfeeder beautiful...add snow!
 I have always though the bench at the front entrance to our Estate is a great place to read and have a slow coffee. Seeing it covered in snow has changed it into a really romanic place ..bit cold though!Ha
 This next image is the edge of the roof ,over the entrance gatehouse. I had never noticed it before, the snow has bought it to my attention.
 This is Portsmouth Rd just outside my Estate...not normally this pretty or quiet either!
 This our usual shortcut  across the cricket pitch. Yesterday it was very mud and over night it has become beautiful. Amazing stuff snow.
So magical.
Workin progress.
Now how do l put the two together..duh! dfidn't think that one out did you love?Hax

I promise you he was not drunk when he was doing this!
Henry Moore inspired snowman being build by Master Snowman Builder Tony!
How could you not love this face?
His finished master piece!
These are the marks Tony made when he was rolling his amasing snowballs to make "THE SNOWMAN"!
Part of a piece of machinery abandoned on the side of the cricket pitch. Just love the red colour of this piece of what is really classsed as Junk!

can you see me?
Natures Art Exhibition


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful snow! I'm glad you love it. Your pictures just glow! Bonus -- you sure don't have to worry about gardening and yard work for a while!

The yellow parka just jumps out.

the GyPsY said...

What a great collection of photos! I love the close-ups of the snow on the trees and on the cage. but .. brrrrrrrrrrr .. it sure looks cold. Here in Dubai we can still swim :-p