Friday, December 10, 2010

No snow..a present and Eco dyeing!

Hello everyone..been a bit quiet as it has been so cold and haven't been out much. Yesterday had to go down to town to get some food and start our Christmas Shopping.
Most of the UK has snow, here in Putney.....
 As you can see from in front of my snow! All we have is this tiny bit you can see in the image below! Feel slightly cheated! Ha!
Found this tiny fungi peeping out from the wood chip mulch...didn't expect to see any as it had been so cold over the last few days!

The paper bark from this tree is destined for my dyeing pot! 
Very smart and warm lady in Putney.

 Um......not sure l like these trousers!!!!

 If you visit my Art blog you will see my Eco dyeing experiments. The following imager is one l am really pleased with. Love the way the flower/seeds have shown up so well.
 This is my newest experiment using Eucalyptus this colour.
Today in the post arrived a wonderful present from my very talented artist friend Dayna.

Inside the tin are these very clever magnets.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Lovely post and how very clever your friend's recycling is! So smart!

Dayna Collins said...

Thanks for sharing my gift with your fans!