Sunday, December 26, 2010

The drive to Rutland on Thursday for the start of our Christmas Holiday!

Sorry it has been so long since l blogged but Christmas sort of took me over!
I hope you all had a very happy Christmas Day and got all your heart's desired.x
Just before l start my daily images and "talk"..can you see the image of Alpha Stamps on the right hand side of this page? Well you must GO TO THEIR SITE..Why? because they have an amazing giveaway and they have amazing "stuff" in their shop! Oh..then come back here and carry on reading about "ME" of course!!

Tony and l went up to our son and daughter-in-law's for Christmas and our daughter joined us as well but she came by train. Since arriving here we have been having a fantastic time even though l have a terrible sore throat and at times have felt awful!!
We were expecting our journey up to Rutland to be a bit dicey... Weather wise ...but no problems! the traffic was not good..tons of it but luckily all moving!
 A modern Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer on the move!
This image is included because l love these "flyover " bridges and until today, have never take an image l liked.

 Oh hurray! We are now travelling through proper "snowed in " areas. I love if you hadn't already guessed!

 Don't you just love this Hippo?

This is andrew's village and you can see the buses don't come this can l tell? The roads have not been gritted or cleared!

 The thatched cottages that are next to Andrew and Gemma's house are covered in snow and really look very different from usual.
Snow covered fruit trees and trampoline in the back garden...brr!

Heat and cold.......

The hunter going for those snowballs again.....he has such fun!
Just love his tail. Alfie has now got control of bhs tail but l am still amazed how long it is.
Praticing his pouncing skills! Hax
Found the snowball... l need a rest!
Alfie giving tony a High sweet!

The snow outside the diningroom window..magical.
Andrew and gemma being homely.
Andrew, Gemma, Alfie and the reindeer headband!
Love this image!Ha
This next image is of Gemma wrapping up late at night to take Alfie out in the snow because he so desperatly in need of a play and also a short  walk. Now that l call love for your pet because not only was it late and dark but VERY cold.

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You had a lovely Christmas Lynda! Thanks for sharing some of it. I'm glad you blogged this AFTER the fact, because now I know you got back home safely.

I didn't do much blogging or reading blogs at all lat week either and I didn't have nearly as good an excuse as you did.