Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snow, glorious snow!

(Note to my parents - Voice mail received; I am still alive, snowed in, very busy.) Back to blogging....

Isn't he gorgeous? and towering over my five foot two inch frame! Biggest snowman on the field. Tony built this "Henry Moore" influenced snowman with a "little" help from me....Way to go Howellses!

Nature creating it's own Art.

When you go down into the woods very afraid!!!
Entering Narnia!
Can you see the "snail" in this image?
Snow changes everything and makes the normally beautiful scenery even more amazing.
Out of the woods towards Putney Hill...buses going VERY slowly!
Nature's Christmas Decorations for the tree!

Not even freezing temperatures, or snow can stop a dedicated jogger!!!!

l have been trying to photograph these roots for ages but never got the image quite right. Having snow on them gives some definition and depth. I am happy with this one.
This is Putney Hill, leading down into Putney itself; boy was the pavement slippery! They hadn't gritted either the night before or this morning.
 I just LOVE this image! Scaffolding above the branches...great!
 Oops! warm coffee for somebody.
 This runner from the Bus Garage was kept very busy trying to keep the buses functioning with his battery booster trolley.
 Macho stuff! This guy in a T shirt was throwing snowballs across the street at his friend...Certainly attracted these ladies, who stopped to talk and laugh with him!!!
 Joseph and friends on Putney High Street..the mind boggles! Party time do you think?
 He was definitely embarrassed by it all. Hope the party was worth the effort. Ha! Merry Christmas guys and girls!
 Don't think it is the weather to try and ride one of these!
 This pattern of snow on the street lamp pole makes me think the wind was very confused!!! Pretty though.
 Colour amongst the white. Must pick some and see what colour they release once bundled or boiled? See my other blog 
to see my Eco dyeing experiments. l am having so much fun.
The two images after this one are examples of my dyeing experiments...

The rest of the images tomorrow.


Angie said...

Memories of Putney in winter flooding back when I look at your pics. Thanks Linda. You are creating some excellent fabric.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful, but BRRRR! I loved the snowman sculpture and the fun you two had creating him...that part would have been fun. But after that I'd have been heading indoors for the fireplace and cocoa. You are brave to have stayed out long enough for that snowy walk. You got some great pictures though. Thanks for sharing (the way I like snow is to look at other people's ;>)

Nathalie said...

That looks very amusing. I love your eye for details, it amazes me. At the moment, in Germany (for the holidays), the snow surrounds me and it's gorgeous too. Hope you have a fantastic Xmas, you and your family.

Julienne said...

Thank you for dropping by and I just love your snow photos! My daughter is presently in the UK and they are going to try to get to Snowdonia for Christmas, don't know how that will go!

~*~Patty S said...

Your snow captures are just brilliant ...I Love the hush and smell that snow gives...absolutely magical

we may get some white stuff for Christmas...the weather guessers here in Virginia aren't quite sure :)

I'm off to see what new dying you've done
fa la la
ho ho ho