Thursday, December 02, 2010

At last snow comes to Highland Heath!!

Having asked for it to please snow did! I know it is hard for people who are trying to get to work and so on but l love snow! We did not have as much as most places but just enough to have fun today! This morning we woke up to 5 inches of snow and this is the view outside of my flats. All around us and in most of the country, there is total chaos and yet Putney has only just had some today..very strange!

 His and her foot-prints!
 A cat's paw print! It really does look as if they should only have one paw not 4!
 The only problem with the snow is it is the wrong sort to build snowman with!!!!! This little girl was upset not to be able to build one but happy to throw snowballs.
 I though this cleaning trolley looked funny out on the snow covered road! Why l am not sure but it made me giggle.
This must be the only time there has been no traffic in the A3 in a very long time! No wonder it was SO quiet this morning outside our flat!
 What a lovely sight. l love Silver Birch trees but with snow around and on them...gorgeous!
 Proof the pond is frozen....stuck branches!
The seagulls were flying all around the pond and slowly landing on it. There were no ducks or swans in sight, wonder where they have gone?
 Iced Oak leaves!
Some colours of Autumn still exciting and shining through the snow.
 I love snow but only when l am wrapped up warm! I do love my welly boots!
 Tony checking on this strange looking birch tree. Look at the next image to find out what had happened.
 This Silver Birch and quite a large area around it had been burnt lately.
I normally think the Windmill on Wimbledon common looks great but in the snow l think it looks magical.
 I think runners are mad people but to do it in the cold and in the snow..doubley mad!
 This poor dog was trying very hard to try and get clumps of ice from off his paws. Poor thing.
 Man and horse on patrol.
 This looks like a huge foot print isn't but l wonder what it would have been if it had been real? Ha
 Tony off into the wild and wet wildness!
The only snowman l saw all day mainly l suppose because it was too cold for the snow to cling together!
 This "shorn" sheepdog gave me quite a funny look. Wonder what he was thinking? Beautiful looking dog though.

 Another frozen pond on Wimbledon Common.
 Snow covered Wimbledon Common. When we were in the woods it was quite warm but the minute we got out into the open...brrr! The wind was so sharp and bit right through you.
 Love this image. Maybe l might use it for a Christmas card!
 This  is one of the sheep pens on Wimbledon Common, by the main road into Wimbledon Village. There are still sheep being kept on the common, it is a very old tradition.
 The next image l think is a frozen fungi.
 A very snow covered Remembrance wreath on the steps of the Wimbledon War Memorial.
 Cold sad crosses.
 I could have used one of these at this point of the walk...couldn't feel my feet!
 A frozen speed camera in Wimbledon Village.
 The main path through Wimbledon Village which had been salted but it seemed to have made it worse. It was very slippery in places.
 Think maybe this person loves his/her car...can you see the heart?
 This guy actually was driving with the snow still all over his lights and most of his windscreen! Mad!
 Whatever happened to good old glass milk bottles?
 By now l MUST have a coffee...........

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Lovely pictures Lynda -- but I have to admit that this is the only way I enjoy snow any more. (I try not to act as if I'm 70, but the cold hurts my bones!).....