Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Art, Autumn and a pressure cooker!

My Art up in the BrickHouse Cafe...already had some interest!
The Art project l conducted on Saturday, was to show adults and children how to use "normal" things to print with. This is the table all set-up for the printing session. 
 So what can you do with for instance...a plastic fork?...or....
playdough or sandpit toys.......
or feathers.......

or wooden spatulas.....
or a plastic potato masher.....
 This is the printing work one of the Artists, who helps at the her work.

This child's Mum was not so sure about this but l provided apron and explained paint was washable!!! Child was very happy because he is not allowed to do this at home!

He had so much fun but it took me a while to clean him up!Ha!

Mono Printing Table.

This is part of a Stag Antler which the shopholder lent us for the day! Apparently he was going to sell it later to the Chinese Medicine shop next he can grate it up to use in his "Man Soup" recipe!! It is also known as an aphrodisiac!!!

 There was also some Mandal's being created.

The next two images show you how ingenious the staff are at the cafe!! First there is a hole in the ceiling......
 then there was not!

Today, Tuesday...l went leaf collecting..such beautiful colours.

 On the way home l saw this next image......can you see the insect drinking from the raindrop?

Then... l collected twigs and leaves .

Then here are my latest bundles waiting to be exciting! Another few days yet. if l can last that long. Fingers crossed!

 Look what l got today......a pressure cooker in a sale!!!! Trying to be less messy and keep smells to a minimum please my ever patient husband!


Cath said...

The printing looks as though it was a lot of fun for those youngsters, and I'm intrigued by those bundles! Are they naturally dyed fabrics? Sorry I haven't replied yet to your e-mail, it's been a busy week so far, am still trying to work out when I can make that coffee, but will be in touch soon.

~*~Patty S said...

Brilliant fun to share the joy of creating and with common items too.
Too funny about that poor fella who is not allowed to get dirty WHAT!

always wondered about the natural materials and the smells they give off...that is probably a surprise too ;)


Anonymous said...

The art project looks like great fun, and with some excellent results.

artymess said...

you're having fun .........x

lynda Howells said...

yes..l am having fun. Yes there are a lot of parents who don't seem to want their children to get dirty when out or just "playing", shame isn't it!
see you soon cath..when you have the time, know how busy you are. yes the bundles are naturally dyed fabrics Cath.

Connie Rose said...

Your bundles look fabulous!