Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My newly combined Blog. Life and Art combined!

Here is the start of my new, combined blog.

Are you feeling the love? Saw this on the road in Putney this evening and thought.."that has to be my first image of the new blog!

Look what l found the other day... a genuine and very old (so l am told) horse shoe. Have used it already in a dye and boy did it turn the water black!

This is the newest load of Eucalyptus leaves l collected the other day... this type is called "Black Sally". I have put them into a plastic bowl, poured boiling water over it and will let it stand till l have a spare saucepan. This will be the 4th type of leaf to be tested to see what colour it gives.

 I have almost finished making two shoulder bags. They are made of felted wool, eco-dyed with Eucalyptus leaves and then decorated with dyed threads and found buttons. All that is needed now is a strap and my label inside the bags. Really liked these... the first ones l have made that l feel are good enough to consider selling.

Front and open flap of Bag 1.

Back of Bag 1.

Completed Bag 1.

Front of Bag 2.

Back of Bag 2.

Whole back of Bag 2.

Front of bag plus open flap of Bag 2.

Lucky me... yesterday in a charity shop in Tooting, l found an 80% wool and 20% mohair coat for £4 (size 16)! I have since unpicked it and am now dyeing with it! It feels so soft and luxurious and is great to work with.

Going past Trafalgar Square the other evening, caught sight of the sculpture on the fourth plinth, "The Ship in the Bottle". I am always so surprised that although it seems small, up close, the bottle can be seen quite well from every point of the Square. Not sure how much longer it will be up there as l feel there is a sculpture lurking in the shadows, waiting it's turn.

I love this motorbike and rider but what really made me giggle was the very large cigar in his mouth... which was very alight!

This was a sight that stopped people and traffic on Putney High Street... a laid back, covered bike. I certainly wouldn't like to be pedaling something this low, especially in London! Very brave man l reckon!


artymess said...

yeah i feel the love alright ........great bag ....x

Emma said...

Great to have both blogs here, I love your art & your travels! Meant to comment in your fab eco dress, you look great in it & it's perfect for England!

lovely loving leaf ;)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hi Lynda -- great start to your new blog! Lovely artwork, lovely pictures with your usual individual take on them. I like it!

Terrie said...

The bag is very pretty with eco-dye and stitches, the curve of stitches is lovely. It looks a perfect vintage bag - a treasure one. Can see you're doing it with love and patience.
Eager to see how you dye with your 4th trial of Eucalyptus leave.

lynda Howells said...

thank you is so great to have friends and strangers like my blogxmakes it all worth whilexxl love what l do but it is so great when other people like some of it too.xxlynda

Anonymous said...

Good to have both blogs together - I seem to have been able to subscribe to this one just fine.

eb said...

your every stitch
about to scent the house
with eucalyptus again
love all
that you do...

xox - eb.