Sunday, October 09, 2011

Exhibitions and odds and things!!!!

Outside The Gallery l had just exhibited in for "Open House" Tour weekend. I am also wearing my new eco-dyed and embroidered dress, which l am very happy with even though l was told by one "lovely" lady. "Very nice but a bit bright for England l think but then again you would be the only one that could wear it"......
Inside the gallery..great space,very light and airy.

The next few images are just things that have made me smile recently. Saw this sign in a "unisex" toilet in a hospital l was visiting. So we ladies have a great loo..the men....pee down here please! Ha!
The next two images are of a Mosaic on an underpast in Kingston, London. It is beautiful but wish it could be somewhere more prominent.

Wow....never seen a sign advertising Private Decectives before and it was down a small alleyway too....!
Don't you just love this headscarf?
This is a sculpture in Kingston which always makes me smile. I just wish we were able to climb on it!

This sign is true promise..has not been Photoshopped! Everything seems to be shortened these nothing sacred? Ha!
This is a lady who l saw when visitng Kew Gardens the other week. Couldn't find out anything about her as she spoke no English. Long way from Peru.
Also  saw this "Bride" and her group in the Gardens. At first thought it was an actual wedding but infact l think it may have been a Photo Shoot! The little boy standing in front of the group, (aged about 18mths) was fascinated by the bride. She stopped to talk to him but all he could do was stare at her and even turned round to watch her move away!!!!! Was very funny to watch.
Watching plants grow?
This Palm Fan really was this silver colour and really stood out against the rest of the greenery around it. Beautiful.
This bamboo is one of the many things in Kew Gardens that influences my Fibre creations.
I don't think this is a view many people see when they visit Kew. It is the roof of one of the Glass Tropical Houses...beautiful. It pays to look up sometimes people!
On my fungi hunt again...hope to go on a Walk and Talk session about fungi in Kew gardens, in a week or so...if l remember to book it!!
This is one of my favorite places in kew Gardens. In late October they also do an amazing Pumkin display for Halloween.

The last image is a view of my collection destined for the dye pot! I have been told the needles produce a green dye..we shall see! I was also excited to find some Walnuts as well..a good day's gathering as they say.


Anonymous said...

What a fun post .. and what fun you seem to have had!! I love the Kopshop .. lol .. and, having lived in London for a while, bright is nice for a change.

Anonymous said...

I love how you look at the world, looking at the small things. That lady who made a comment on your dress really lacks insight in what British look is! Aren't you the people who invented the colourful tights, that started dying your hair in all colours. I mean, really, some people... :-)

lynda Howells said...

thank you for your great commentsxxx