Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hi Art blog is moving to this blog. WHY? l hear you say. other blog  
was having such problems, people not being able to follow or subscribe to it for instance. So l am bringing it here to see if it is any better. If not, l will change provider. So this is how l see it changing - I will be moving more personal stuff to my Facebook page and this blog will combine my Travels with my Art. I hope you will stay and, if you are coming over to this blog,...hope you will enjoy it.  xx

Below is some of the Art you could see on this site mixed in with my daily images. Hope you stay! Lynda x

Indigo dyeing.

Eco-dyeing and stitching.

Eco-dyed shirt.

Felt and silk eco-dyed and "embellished".

Wool eco-dyed with Eucalyptus leaves.

Eco-dyed dress with leaves and spices and embroidered.

Silk painting.

Eco-dyed vintage fragment and embroidery.


Penny said...

Hello to you at the new site! I LOVE these pictures of your beautiful work. You're now on my 'favorites' site with the new address. *smile*

Anonymous said...

Love all the details. What will you do with all the bits off embroidery?

Cath said...

Soooo pleased about this decision Lynda, I couldn't access your art blog either! I just love your eco dyeing and embroidery....fabulous work, I shall be looking forward to future posts.

lynda Howells said...

Gypsy...some embroidery bits will go to makeing a skirt..others a jacket and some will be framed.xx thanks for coming over everyonexxlynda

Beach House Living said...

I like the cloth in the first photo. I would love that at the beach.