Friday, October 28, 2011

Autumn colours, BrickBox and dyeing!

Off to BrickBox this afternoon and noticed how much out trees had changed colour, in the last few days.
 This the road l walk down to get to the top of Putney Hill..beautiful at this time of year.

I love Tooting, it is so vibrant, colouful and very Ethnic. This is the entrance to Tooting market, where the Art Cafe is situated.

The image below shows two of the people l work with in BrickBox...can you see why l love being here! They are so much fun, so dedicated and great to create with! The moustach was printers ink which is washable!!!!!.......don't ask! Ha!
At the BrickBox we are celebrating Halloween tomorrow. Hence all these clay skulls l turned out this afternoon!!!!

As you can see from the image below...people/children will be decorating the skulls tomorrow. They will also be Halloween Mobiles to be made, face painting to created and lots of fun to be had by all...l hope! Then in the evening, a free adult party...making shrines, facepainting, and much more.
Lots of Mexican decorations.

 On the way home, l saw this perfect "Time" clock.

 My drying rack is full of drying dyed fabric. Felted wool on the top rack.and 6 more below!!

 Some wool and silk being dyed pink with advocado stones.

 Now some more completed sewing dyed bits. This is a piece of felted wool, dyed with Ecu leaves. I loved sewing it, so easy to work with.

 Loved this part of the piece...lots of little straight calming. Sorry images are not to clear, it was late at night and under artificial light..not a good time to take images!!Just wanted to show you what l have been doing lately!
This piece of felted wool was a weird shape but l decided to sew it as it was anyway. It looks like a flag, so maybe as l now have vcreated two, l will start making a few more!

 As many of you may remember, l love creating circles...and there are a few on this flag!.
Have a great weekend. x lynda x


Mary said...

You are so lucky to have like minded people to mix with ,and I love all the stitching,but I must say I would not have the patience.

lynda Howells said...

I have just found them after 12 years back in London..trying to find some!!!!!they are great people. You surprise me Mary..thought you had loads of patience looking at your Artxxlynda

artymess said...

thats a fun post daughter used to live in Tooting .....she's in Brockley now ....lovely stitch and dye work ...x

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Fun post -- all lovely fall colors, natural and person-made! Beautiful. Lovely place to work on your art!

deemallon said...

to me the stitched scraps look like little maps! mysterious, worthy of full-on attention to decode! avocado stones?!! who knew?

Cath said...

Lovely photos showing some gorgeous Autumn colour, fun art, and I just love your hand stitched felted wool. My, you are always so busy Lynda, you achieve so much, and produce some wonderful results.

iNd!@nA said...

when do you sleep?

lynda Howells said...

Thank you for all your comments.India... l love what l do...just like therefore l find the time and also l sort of "forget" to do the ironing or housework sometimes!!!Haxx
Thanks for taking the time folks to visit my blog, l really do appreciate it..keeps me goingxxlyndax