Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Silk,flowers and eyelashes!

This is the last item l will be showing anything to do with Sue's funeral. These are the gorgeous table arrangements that were on the table at the Wake.
The next two images are of silk steamed with banana leaves. Really like them.....fragile but very strong print and it has been washed.
 This also has a shape from a rubber leafwrapped in it .
The other week l tried to do some spore prints from fungi...but l just got maggots ....anyone know the answer...also does anyone know how to do white paint /ink prints from fungi?
Does my bum look big in this?Ha!  I was trying to look through a hole in the wooden fence, to see how the new buildings were going up. Wasn't meant for people like me..5ft.2ins

 Aren't these eyes lashes amazing!Ha Reminds me of the 60/70's!
 This is the sunflower that is growing at the front of our flats. Never seen one this colour can a sunflower be this colour? Doesn't seem right........
While sitting in Wimbledon the other day, l saw this taxi full of dogs. Two huge "proper"white poodles, a spaniel and a few other dogs. I thought the dogs belonged to the taxi driver but in fact he is a dog cute is that!? Seeing them sitting upright in the seats was so surreal!

 This sculpture is outside Queen Mary's Hospital in Roehampton and represents a grandad reading to his Down Sydrome grandson. Everytime l see it l have to look twice because it looks so real!
 I just love this shade of orange!
 This last image is of Eucalyptus bark soaking.....looks promising.

 I hope this combination of my Life and Art blogs is working for you? At the moment l am happy with it and also people who couldn't register with my Art blog..can join this one...hurray!


Penny said...

Love these pictures. I especially like the sunflower, love its color even though it doesn't seem to rate the name of 'sunflower' in that color. Also the orange of the monk's robe - yummy! Is that appropriate to say about a monk's robe? *smile*

artymess said...

yes the combination blog is working well for me ...keep it up girl !!..x

lynda Howells said...

l think it is ok to say the monk's robe is yummy! Most monks l have met have had a wicked sense of humour! Glad you are liking the combined blog!xxxlynda