Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy day, funfair and an embroidery idea!

Before we went home, we had lunch with David, his family and another couple at his wonderful 14 century house.
 Believe it or not it was still warm enough for us to eat outside ...very continental !!!
Needless to say, those of you that know Bonny... will not be surprised that she was near the food. Never knew a dog before that loves lettuce , actually have not found any food she doesn't love..hence her size... sorry David!!!!!!!
 Can't remember what this was about but it was great to see David smiling.  After everything he has been though over the last 3 years he deserves a few "smiles" in his life.

We decided to go for a walk along the riverside, to take advantage of the late October sun. So nice to see blue sky.
I love bridges in general but this one is so pretty and love this colour blue.
This security camera was broken and also looked so sad and uncared for. I don't normally feel sorry for an inanimate objects but this one really made me feel sad. Yeh l know... l am slightly weird!!!! Ha.

 As we walked along, we came across this permanent fairground complex called Paradise Island, which was very vibrant to the point of being garish! And, as you all know, l love colour so you can imagine how "loud" this place was!

Love the reflections in the water, caused by the colourful fence around the fairground.

 Love the way, because it has a blue sky as a backdrop, the red and yellow dragon really stands out.

These three pirates greet you at the main entrance with a smile and a few barrels of rum. In fact the female pirate seems to want to be VERY friendly!... (re: her open blouse!) Ha!
I love merry-go-round horses and this carousel is an extremely beautiful one.

There is as a canal lock here too. I have never walked across the small path over the water before, didn't feel very safe!

 There were loads of canal boats and l never realised there were so many different designs.
 Along the river were a lot of flats and, in this particular basin, the reflections in the water were very attractive and the swan just finished of the image beautifully.
On the building below there is a sign that says:- "This building is an ancient monument and of special historical interest". Unfortunately, it gives no more information, which l feel is a shame. Also, look at the door... it appears designed for the vertically challenged!

 By now we were quite thirsty, so we stopped at a little tea house and had tea and cake, or in Tony's case..., scones, jam and clotted cream! Ha!
I also loved the way the sun caused shadows and there were "letters" everywhere!

Ah... bliss!!

 Please note... real tea leaves... not teabags. It really does taste different.
 I also love lace and there was a lot of it around in this little tea room. Mind you, if l can get away with not using it as curtains... l will!

 Just found my new where to store it?! Ha!
Oh... wonder how high the water goes when it floods?
 There is also a great children's play park with a skate board area... which these children were using for scooters instead.
As we were leaving the river area, saw this plant. Oh l feel a needlework project coming on......


artymess said...

great post ...I LOVE carousels too and always take loads of photos ..i will use them one day .......xx

Mary said...

It is another brilliant post,and I will have to meet up with you one day and you can help me overcome my fear of taking candid shots in the street.
By the way it is so much better now I can actually see your arty creations as well.

lynda Howells said...

Just imagine a huge stitched carousel or one made out of junk..found pieces..oh my mind is working over time!Haxx
mary will must meet soon as l would love to teach you had to take image in the street..with no fearxx we don't live that far away from each other after all!!xxx

Susan said...

What a delightful day. Thank you for sharing the photos so we can experience it too! By the way, Bonny is not the only dog to eat lettuce, mine are crazy over their greens. If they won't come when called (which is most of the time) all I have to do is say, "Stringbeans" and they come running.