Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Another exciting day in my Studio.

Another amazing day in my new enterprise.
Today l was visited by a very interesting 7 year old boy and his lovely mum.  He did a drawing of a castle, men and horses. Also spent quite a long time playing with the tunnel, tent and square in the baby room. Being a home schooled child, l love the way he is a free spirit but concentrates when need be. He reminds me of my own grown-up son at the same age..their imaginations are amazing.

Such a cheeky grin.
 Pretending to be a worm!
 Which window are we looking out of today then?
Today l went and picked up a stairgate from Argos ....couldn't find a good secondhand one anywhere. The only one l did manage to find, was at Trinity Hospice Charity Shop but it had pieces missing unfortunately.

This afternoon l did some more dyeing with silk,flowers, leaves and a few slices of an orange, wrapped around a small copper tube.

You can see one of the "dropped off" pansies l found in the garden today.
Around 4.30ish this afternoon, a lady and her 6 year old daughter dropped into the studio, to see what was happening.  So, as l had no workshop in progress, l asked the little girl if she would like to make some Art? She was very excited and say, "yes". I explained to her mother it could be a free taster session. I offered several ideas and she chose to make a bookmark for herself and her young brother. The book marks are created using foam sheets and some pre-cut shapes. Was a fun session.


bois-fleurie said...

I really do admire all you do.My grandson was home educated for a while and was a very happy child.I look forward to seeing more of your blog

lynda Howells said...

thank youxxxlynda