Thursday, April 05, 2012

Today......and then 4 days holiday!

The liquid chalk Tony found for me the other day really makes a difference to the appearance of the Blackboard.
 See, two sided...yeh! Ha!
 Come on in and have some fun!
 Today's bundle from dead or dyeing flowers from the Estate garden. I am enjoying dyeing and bundling every day.
 Going to show you some masks from my past Art adventures.

 Today a lady dropped in to see what we do at the studio......she stayed and played. She left her creation for me to add to my wall of student's Art. Wasn't that sweet?
After loads of trouble getting this b****y stair-gate to now works. Thanks Tony for saving my sanity!x 
 Caged at last....x


ArtPropelled said...

Sounds like fun and I wish there was somewhere i could just pop in and play with art over here. Enjoy your 4 days holiday!

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Just found your blog. I have been bundling up dead hyacinth flowers and got some interesting results. I had a studio open day yesterday though I am aiming my workshops at adults. Good luck with your studio.

Angela x

Mary said...

I know a little lady who would love to drop into this Fun palace.

Carole said...

Your studio looks fabulous and like a lot of fun to visit! I've spent the evening reading through and enjoying your earlier posts. Good night.

Terrie said...

Thanks for stopping by. How wonderful that you're joining India's workshop in summer. Must be fun. Your studio looks GREAT in many ways with creativities.

Anonymous said...

Your venture looks inviting and fun -- both for your visitors and for you! The dyeing is exciting as well. Good luck with everything. I think you ought to get lots and lots of business with such an open, festive, creative-supporting atmosphere!