Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Today's babies and some Art!

For those of you who think l have forgotten, l am also an Artist... Here are some results of my last eco-dyeing! Windfalls from the garden; eucalyptus leaves; orange peel and a copper pipe.

 This is a large piece of the old silk l bought from the charity shop... It dyes beautifully.

Then, l dyed an old, white, cotton sheet with the same windfall flowers etc. but not the copper pipe, although the copper pipe bundle was in the same pressure cooker load. It is a very subtle cloth but l really love it. There is more blue in it than appears on this image.

Today's Baby "Messy and Sensory" class was so much fun; this little lady was the perfect client! Ha. She didn't wait for the others... she just dived straight in. She loved it. What is it?...Angel Delight. She really tested it and experimented with it to the full. It was delightful to watch. This is what messy play should be all about, which is why people come here and don't do it it at home! Ha! Also, l love messy play.

She was not happy when the "messy" play was taken away from her...cruel Lynda.
But, two seconds later... water and glitter  helped to help her smile again!
Then, after everyone had been cleaned up... sensory play took over.

It is amazing how much fun an empty kitchen roll can give a baby!
"Just keep still will you"... My children had these "slinkies" over 30 years ago and they are still going strong... amazing.
The huge, stuffed toy lion l bought yesterday was a great success with the babies.
Toys never really change much. This wooden container, with a bell inside, still fascinates babies 35 years on! Simple is, sometimes, best!
The Lady in Red. This young lady put on the red veil herself. Great fun was had by all the babies with the chiffon this week.
 Hug time with my large, "granny" puppet.
 A new baby with the most amazing smile!
 Time to calm down... The very hungry caterpillar does just that!

Just look at that grin! Ha!

Then they went home......Ha! 
 Will show the other images tomorrow! Night all. xx :)


Emma said...

And you still find time to dye suff?! Wonderful. 'Your' babies & kids seem to be having a fabulous time, so glad it's all going well. You must sleep like a baby!

Cath said...

You are going to be a wonderful grandmother too Lynda! Your messy and sensory play sessions has given me ideas for my own grandkids, but I think I'll wait until warmer weather, when they can do it in the garden!!!

Lynda Howells said...

Thank you both for such great commentsx Yes Emma l do sleep well these days!Ha! Yes l do create dye stuff as well because l need my Art time..Ha!
You coward Cath!Haxx come and see me sometimexxxlynda