Friday, April 13, 2012

The Baby Session images from Thursday... unadulterated fun!!

Good evening on Friday 13th April......!
Yesterday, l up-loaded so many images l thought l would leave Thursday's baby session for today's blog. The messy and sensory play session was a little different from usual as l had two older children all day. Remember these two fun children from yesterday's entry?
I have to admit they were brilliant and fascinated with the babies, which helped. At the start of the session, the little ones were given chubby paint dabs and encouraged to make marks onto photo paper that l had secured to a large piece of thick cardboard. One unexpected event was when the babies giggled because their feet made squeeky noises when coming into contact with the photo paper. The little boy showed his preference for orange and red, much to his mum's surprise. He and the little girl were just so full of smiles about everything, especially the big children.
I am surprised how many babies these days, don't seem to like lying on their tummies. I wonder if that is a consequence of the currently fashionable professional advice that one should not put children down to sleep on their fronts, as a way of reducing the incidence of cot deaths? Just a thought!

How could you not smile back? Ha!

The end masterpiece... Tracy Emin eat your heart out!

Sensory play with help from one of my young assistants. I just love this material and so do the babies and parents, it seems. 
During this session, mums are often surprised at what l give the children to play with. One mum said to me this week, "I have just come to realise that you don't need to buy lots of expensive toys for your baby, just visit the 'Pound Land' shop and your local chemist!". She is quite right, most babies will be happy with boxes, spoons, saucepans and a few things that rattle or jingle. 
This mini hot-water bottle has one smooth side and a side that is rougher and has ridges on it. It is perfect for trying different textures and just the right size for small hands to be able to hold for themselves. Also good for teething... as demonstrated below!
The felted  scarf was a big hit with the babies as it is so soft and very colourful.
Making friends and having fun with a rattle and telling everyone about it... so cute!

I just love working with this age group, they are so like sponges, soaking EVERYTHING up and storing it away for later use. Fantastic privilege to be part of their lives, even for a short time.


artymess said...

great stuff Lynda .....x

Lynda Howells said...

l have to admit..l am loving, it even though it is hard.xcome and see for yourself..!!Hint

Suzie Ridler said...

Quite adorable and wow, lots of fun!

Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I'm still a little fearful about getting back into arts and crafting but I'm getting there.

I didn't think we had those bleached pens in Canada but I saw one so I grabbed it. Can't wait to really play with it. Have to find a black shirt it will really effect.

Nice to meet you and I am your latest follower now. :)