Wednesday, April 11, 2012

fun session and tiny feet!

Yesterday afternoon l had a lovely "almost" 4 year old little girl in my "Story and Painting" session for 2 to 4 year olds. We read a story all about Oliver the Owl, who toots too loudly. After a lovely story session there followed the painting part. We had lots of chatting about the story and what colour paints to use and so on. Great fun was had by both of us! Mum and baby sister played in my "inner sanctum" and  the little girl was so involved in her painting, she forgot mum was still there and asked me, "When was mummmy coming to pick me up?"
The first image is one she made for me, to put up on my wall.It is of her and me.
Painting the Owl from the story with a brush, a finger and feathers!

She didn't want to l think the session was a success.
Today, Wednesday was a quiet day and so l went and picked up the three..yes not two as stated yesterday, tables from Uta. She said she discovered her husband couldn't count! Ha! Some people are so kind to give away stuff for free. My new tables are the green ones and stack beautifully. What a colourful studio l have..yeh!
This bundle has not been steamed yet..just bundled and left until l have more. Interesting colour already!

I have changed my kitchen/dyeing room around, so that now l can talk and see everyone around the tables at the same time.
Today l made a discovery! I have loads of photo paper from my time at college and l was wondering how paint would react on it. Hey presto...paint dries almost instantly....great for babies to paint on. Also paint dries so quickly, children can take their paintings straight home with them. One more problem solved!
The image below shows some of the cuttings l have collected from papers this week. I have a file that consists of things that interest me and may use later for a future Art project.

This is one of the footprints from yesterday's messy play session. Drying beautifully!
Sometimes l forget how small babies feet can be! So cute!

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