Thursday, April 12, 2012

My first full day and l had so much fun!

Today l filled all my classes... I am very happy but extremely tired! Ha. Two lovely families came for the 10.30 story-time session. Today we read about Solomon, the lonely crocodile, and how he was being a pest to everyone. Then, we came into the painting room and had fun... painting. 

This young lady painted a fantastic crocodile and a hippopotamus, with  guidance from mum. The thing l found so amazing was she got no paint on her at all.  Oh, how l wish l am this clean when l paint! Ha!
 This young girl really enjoyed using one colour paint at a time. Fascinating to watch, then she decided to paint her hands... brilliant!
This is a smile especially for my camera. 
 Oh look... another clean artist! Ha! This young lady's work was wonderful... very expressive.
 Relaxation time before leaving.
 Now that is a "Smile".

Next group of children arrive, this time for half a day. We had great fun. We painted...

Then we made playdough, coloured blue. They were surprised that you could make playdough and that it worked! Ha! They measured, poured, stirred and punched it and, before it turned blue, they thought it looked like porridge!

Many pies and cakes were made!

Then it was time to learn to sew! We made a lavender bag together
using a needle and doing it very well.
Her younger sister, who is 3 on Saturday, decided to use a lavender stem and thread, pretending to sew... so cute, and very clever l think.
The finished item.
The lavender bag with it's own special jewel! 
 Then we made "chic" bracelets! The children picked which buttons they wanted and then they helped me to sew them on. They were very good at pulling the needle and thread through and being very careful with the "pointy" needle.

One very proud little 6 year old with her own "sewing" creations.
Tomorrow, I will put up the images from today's 'baby' classes.


Dayna Collins said...

Looks like a very busy and exciting day!

lynda Howells said...

yes it was an amazing's to more of themx thanks for the support.x I am working a lot with bleach at the moment and very frustrated because l cannot find a bleach pen. I am trying to encourage our local supoermarket to research it. No one seems to know what l mean! sigh! Your work is looking great at the moment, you really are on a roll aren't you my far-away friend?xxx

Wendy Feldberg said...

What a lovely bouquet of babies, Lynda! So much more love in the world with them in it- having SUCH a good time, thanks to you!

I wish you and them all good things


Lynda Howells said...

What a lovely comment "bouquet of babies". and l really am having fun.xxthanks for visitingx lynda