Thursday, April 19, 2012

Painting, rain, broken sandwich-board and finger painting fun!

Another day in the studio.
This morning l had a lot of wonderful new clients aged between 2 and 4... loads of fun. We read the story "Arnie, the Accidental Hero" by Joanne Partis. Lots of interaction from the children and they appeared to enjoy it. Then we went and painted... My studio does work with 8 children... yeah! 
 Lots of great paintings were created.
Yesterday the wind blew over and smashed my sandwich board to pieces... RIP my board. So, Tony made me another one... bless him. x
Then, this afternoon, l was really surprised anyone bothered to come to the 'Messy Baby Play' as the skies opened, the rain came down and the thunder rolled!!!! But a wonderful mum came with her gorgeous son. 
Let the fun begin!
Today, the messy play was finger painting... we had fun.
 Work of Art begining to be produced.
Then, we cleaned ourselves up and had the Sensory part of the session. Today, we had yards and yards of yellow tape... he wrapped himself up several times, giggled, then we had to unwrap him... very funny.
 Hide and seek in the chiffon... children love this material.
On the way home l saw this wonderful sight... young women wearing hats... wow!
Night all.xx


T said...

what fun with paint and tape and chiffon.

and yes how about the hats!


Corrine at said...

Good on your for messy baby intuitive painting. I am trying to get the adults to see the benefits of being kids again. Slow but working. xox

Mary said...

I think the messy days are one of the favourites at our local Sure Start center.As someone who has always worn and loved hats ,I love this photo,By the way I am popping something in the post tomorrow ( weather permitting )

lynda Howells said...

Thank you everyonexxlynda