Friday, November 05, 2010

2nd part of my birthday celebrations.

This is the bouquet of gorgeous flowers my daughter, Jenny sent me for my birthday. Wow!
This is the second part of my Birthday outing images.
The British Museum is an amazing place with all these long corridors and tall ceilings.

I am sorry if you don't like or are not fascinated by death rituals and the whole burial bit...if you don't like hearing or looking about it...skip most of this post!

I wonder how long it actually took to find out how to embalm these bodies and to get the wrapping right? I expect, if l do enough reading, l would find out. There appear to be so many different ways to wrap the Mummy

this is a coffin of a young child, decorated with a snake.
Believe it or not, the image below is of animals that have been mummified! Two cats, a kitten and...a fish!
The next image shows totems with funerary texts on them.
Guess what this animal mummy is?....a Bull!!
The next image shows a basket and paint brushes made from palm fibres.

I am amazed how large this sculpture is. Just imagine how difficult it must have been to move statues here in the first place?

One of the many open spaces between galleries.

Red Granite Sarcophagus....2400 BC. The details on the door panels are exquisite and so beauifully executed.

We left the Museum actually shattered but happy. We both learnt something new and will be back many times. Actually more than likely in a few weeks because they are putting on The Ancient Egyptian's "The Book of the Dead".
From The Museum we went to a Stamp Shop called Blade Runner Stamps...such fun! Er...yes l did buy a few things!

The end of my Birthday day was made even better by unexpectedly meeting our daughter Jenny and spending time with her. A few cocktails, followed by a Vietnamese Meal! Bliss. Unfortunately, my son Andrew and his wife Gemma no longer live in London but l did speak to them earlier in the day.

The image below shows my daughter and husband in a little pub we found, down some stairs and wow...funny old lampshades, old fashioned wallpaper and an amazing atmosphere! There was even Basil on the table!

Just as we were about to arrive home, there on the side of the road was a broken down fairground ride. It looked so lonely on it's own but soooo colourful. The reason it had been left behind on the side of the road appeared to be becuase it had two flat tyres....shame!
The end of a perfect day...thanks to my gorgeous familyxx

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You will know what kind of person I am when I say that this looks like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday!! Thanks for sharing the Museum tour. And your family time.