Monday, November 22, 2010

Last day in Paris

This is the record of our last day here..sob ! I really didn't want to go back just yet. This is a little cafe, just down from our hotel,  really nice french bread and coffee!

This was going on behind us as we had our breakfast. What was so funny was the fact there were two little old ladies in wonderful hats and waving walking sticks and an elderly man smoking a pipe, all shouting suggestions and instructions in French to the workmen!
The comment l will make here is this.....ever watch monkeys or apes grooming each other?
Another Romanian beggar on the streets of Paris.  These men,women and children are aggressive, even when you have given them money it is never enough.
This really was a long passageway with what seemed like a "light at the end of the tunnel" moment.
These next two images are of chalk messages, 2 of about 8 l saw around the centre of Paris. Isn't true love sweet?

There are many sculptured water fountains all over Paris but the way the light was catching the water in this cup, caught my attention.
This next image again made me remember how dangerous it could be trying to cross a non traffic light controlled "zebra" crossing!
Just love the colour and the shape of this leaf and of course the discarded cigarette lighter beside it!
Frozen lobsters waiting to be chosen to be eaten for lunch! Yummy!

This building has been here for hundreds of years... I wonder where No.9 went! If you see what l mean!
I found that wrecked bikes and motor bikes were a familiar sight around the back streets of Paris but this was the only one l saw in the "Centre" of Paris.
I wonder if this water gun was broken, which was why it was thrown away? or because a mum/dad had had enough of getting wet? Ha!
Now the yellow and blue arrows l saw all over Paris have come together but I still have no idea what they mean!
It is such a shame that these two really rather nice cushions, made with very expensive material, were just thrown out on the street. I would have taken them home if l lived in Paris. A bit difficult for me to take them home to UK with all the "other stuff" l was already planning to carry home!
Us being vain again..Hello!
Want one or both actually but again... no home with space to which to carry them. Also, when l suggested it to Tony, his face said it all! Ha!

"Do you think this electric light bulb hat suits me darlings"? I saw this lampstandard in the entrance hall to a block of flats...interesting!
This is the passage to a row of shops off the main street. At night this is closed off from the main street by big, heavy doors. If people live above the shops, they enter by using a code that is on the main door. This also sound-proofs the flats a little, because they have the door and the passageway between them and the road.
Isn't this building beautiful? The French do love their gilding!

This homeless "area" was beside a Church in Central Paris....very public!

It does amuse me that, on this tiled space down in the Metro, there is only one seat placed in the centre! very weird! Sitting on the white tiles, believe me, is very cold!
 Sad day...on our way home and guess what...Tubes are on strike in London. Oh happy days!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

So much to admire, so much to wonder about! Beautiful images.

rebecca said...

such a great mosaic of Parisian life.
you have my gypsy soul longing for a slice of exotic life.

lynda Howells said...

Such nice cpomments guysxxthank youxx

~*~Patty S said...

such fun to see Paris through your camera lens Lynda ... Love each and every photo!

Dayna Collins said...

Your photography is visually stimulating and exciting!