Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas starts today!!

I thought l would start Christmas to-day...even though the rest of London seems to have been celebrating for the last month or so! This was the first Christmas trees l saw, this one was on Kings Road. You cannot see the lights are actually on but they are!

I had been collecting leaves earlier in the day for some dyeing experiments....On Kings Road there were bags of leaves....should have come here first, instead of spending hours in the cold, collecting them!
 I loved this decorated shop window! Window dresser with a sense of humour l think! Ha! Just what we need to cheer us up on these dark, cold days.
This "Arty" Christmas Tree is outside The Saatchi Gallery.....I was laughing so much watching these children, l was amazed the image came out so well! The reason l was laughing was because the children were so excited but were arguing about having to hold a girl/boys hand! Children never change...l remember having the same arguments at about 7yrs old!
Don't you just love this girl's hat and boots? I stood ages in front of her and she never seemed to notice me taking her image. Too busy talking!!!!
 Another of the green Christmas decorations outside the Gallery....Very unusual aren't they but l do love them!
 Love this Christmas Tree....although l heard an elderly couple talking about it like this.
"Is it meant to be a Christmas Tree John?"
"Suppose that's what it is meant to be love, do you think it is Japanese then?"
"Maybe it was designed by that artist, whats his name, you know, the man that wears dresses but is married, also rides a pink bike, heard about him on Radio 4. I know... Banksy, that's him, weird bloke; or maybe it was made by school children?"
"I don't know love, it's not like it used to be is it? A tree, a few bits of tinsel did us."
"We didn't have a tree always, unless he managed to get an axe to one on the Estate without being found out. It is a bit much these days, crap, all crap really. And anyway, how would we get that in our front room then? I ask you, what a stupid looking tree; isn't even the right shape".
Then they walked of towards the Tube Station.....!
I would have loved to hear what he thought about this ball!

 Here is the tree lit up later in the evening....still think it is great.
 On the way home l saw this shadow on the pavement, I thought it was wonderful so l took this image.


Gina said...

I love that tree outside the Saatchi gallery!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Neat post -- happy Holiday season! I'm a secret eavesdropper too; loved the couple's conversation, could just hear them.