Monday, November 08, 2010

An amazing day for a walk in the Park.

On Sunday, the weather was so glorious, that Tony dragged me outside to go for a walk in Richmond Park.....Thanks love! It was so worth the effort, probably the last day before it blows a gale and pours down with rain.  The colours this year are the best they have been for years..who needs to go to the States for Fall this year?
One of the first things we found, was this beautifully decorated fungus plus added grasses!

Then the colours started to happen! I love Nature!
At one point this dog rushed past me...very fluffy and a real character.
Apart from the colours, we had come to see the deer and any rutting that might be going on. They were mostly in big groups... stags and their harems, big and small. There were quite a few males sniffing around and bellowing BUT most of the females seemed not to want any of it! Can you see the stag at the back roaring? Fun watching them though. lt is so amazing to be this close to such beautiful animals, l feel so privileged to live here.

Tony could stay here for hours watching these beautiful wild creatures but l got quite cold, so we moved on...but slowly as l kept seeing things l wanted to take images of. Poor old Tony, he puts up so much with me! Ha.
This stag looked straight at me as if to say.."Who you looking at"?

There are two kinds of deer in Richmond Park, Red and Fallow deer . They have the run of Richmond Park, which is one of the Royal Parks. Although there are roads all over the Park, the speed limit is 20 miles an hour, so there are hardly any accidents. If anything people tend to get hurt rather than the deer.

We eventually went off into the woods and it didn't disappoint..the beauty l meant!So magical and very atmospheric l started looking for the fairies!
We came across this clearing which held this pond and suddenly realised there was a stag here too. The stag blended so well into the scenery.
 This was the pond in the clearing and l just found the green so very vibrant and luxurious.
Just a few feet away from this clearing, the bracken started and as l was walking past, l realised l was being watched. Up popped two heads and there were these amazing creatures staring at me. Breathtaking and they are so quiet, you very rarely know they are there and they could be right next to you.

Tony and l just think this tree trunk is so funny. Looks like a drawing of some-one doing semaphore. I think it means...the letter J.
flag image J and 'alphabetic' (LH out ; RH up)
This is the view from inside Richmond Park by the Richmond Gate. It is the view towards the City of London.

 Isn't this the most amazing, coloured tree? It actually is three trees that look like one. Amazing.
This dog was fantastic, once it saw my posed for me would you believe! His owner says he definitly thinks he's special! He is a gorgeous looking dog and so friendly and full of life.
 I wonder if the person or people who live in the flats beneath the rainbow, won the Lottery last night? At one point there were three rainbows in this area but two had vanished before l could photograph them. I love rainbows, always have ever since a child.
And always..l found fungi but l will only bore you with one. The patterns are so delicate and the colours so of my favorites even though it isn't a bright colour!

This is one of the many ponds we found, which we were unaware of before today. So peaceful l could have stayed here painting all day...if only it was warmer.
I promise my camera had no filter on it, this really was the colour of these trees and the light was just amazing to photograph in.
The next image l think is my favorite of the day. Tony tells me this is a Front tracking across Richmond Park. Isn't "weather" fascinating to watch?

Love the way the sky cuts this tree in half, because of the dark and light sky behind it. Very dramatic. I had thought l would try and paint it but actually the image is so good...don't think l could do it justice.
This tree has only it's leaves left on it's left side....why did the leaves on the right go before these on the left? Curious!
 What can l say...just wow..l love Nature.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Lynda! That was all on one walk? Amazing. So much like our part of Oregon weather this time of year....heartstopping beauty on the few good days (or minutes) in between the drippy gray hours.

lynda Howells said...

It was beautiful and it didn't actually rain until just as we were going home!

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

colors in the sky and on the leaves, lovely dogs and deers, and MUSHROOMS! what a day, and I agree that I bet you felt the fairy energy there. I have driven through that park but never walked there. Thanks for sharing all this with us! Wish I could come back and wander with you and your camera, and bring some blank art journals to fill. . . . I have just started in working in my own garden, lots of photos will be in the blog.

Angie said...

Another great walk you have taken us on. I used to live on Hampton Court Road when I worked at Bentalls in Kingston - looooong time ago. It's when I see photos like yours that I miss the smell & sounds of England. Thanks for the views, Lynda. Don't you just want to put a head on that tree!!

~*~Patty S said...

Brilliant photos...Nature is very entertaining
You have some super fungi too!
Just returned from a walk, cut a bit short by a sky that was so amazing ... full to the brim with roundish cloud bits ... reminding me to take my camera EVERYWHERE I go LOL