Monday, November 15, 2010

From Marche des Puces off into a residential area of Paris and on..

Just after we got to the end of the Market we came into a Residential Area. It was mostly flats and l was surprised to see so much rubbish lying on the pavement and so many derelict buildings. Sign of the times l suppose.

In the UK we have always expected, when we reach a "zebra" (pedestrian) crossing, vehicles stop for you. I have noticed lately that we have to be more careful because drivers, especially foreign number plated ones, don't automatically stop at crossings. It appears that, in Paris,  you take your life in your hands at crossings with no traffic lights. The image below shows you how near this car came to knocking me over.... and l was half way across the crossing! Phew...quite scarey folks.
Also, everywhere in Paris, no-one seemed to care where they parked. In UK, parking your car this near to a crossing is a traffic offence!
You may wonder why l have an image of a sparrow on this post. Quite simply because around where l live, a sparrow is a rare sight to see these days!
These guys were playing Petanque and were quite happy for me to take an image and watch them for a while. I really think this game is so much fun.
An adapted trolley to carry the Petanque balls in, very clever idea.
Just after the Market, the trams started and ran right down the centre of the street. I wish more towns had trams l think they are a great way to travel.
We were desperately trying to find a cafe that was open and looked interesting; and, boy did we find one. A cafe called Auto Passion with, would you believe, an actual Ferrari worth at least 60 thousand pounds in the middle of the cafe!!! I kid you not. Apparently the reason it has a garage theme is because it stands on the site of an old garage.
l fancied fried eggs and once it arrived was reminded what eggs cooked in "real" butter taste like...heaven!
This next image shows Tony's pudding...gorgeous and presented so beautifully.
The waiter made us laugh and insisted l took his photograph. Not very much English but a very good smile!

This engine is in the stairwell going down to the toilets....once inside the toilets you are in for a surprise!
Strap your self in after you have sat down and then you will find the toilet paper inside the wheel!!! Great fun, if a little weird and surreal!

These were the people across from the cafe waiting at the tram stop.

I know l am being cruel but don't you love his trousers?

Remember this cafe has an Auto theme... It seems that people come to meet up and talk about their cars or bikes. While we were having our lunch, these two "cars" arrived, one driven by a young man and the other by a man quite a bit older. They had several glasses of Pastis and then a bottle of wine and it was still only lunch time and they were driving afterwards! As l have seen French policemen drinking wine at lunch time, l don't think they worry too much about drinking and driving, or not as the case may be!

This is the Metro.. their tunnels are a lot wider and taller than British Underground stations.
 Not sure what this was but it looks as though it was once interesting!
Trolleys seem  to have taken on another purpose in Paris. You see so many being used as transport for burners to cook sweetcorn or chestnuts on! It appears to be mainly immigrants who do this job.

 I thought this sculpture was beautiful. The effect of the bird feathers caught in the netting, makes it look like it's snowing over the sculpture.
Isn't this door amazing? And it is "just" the front door to an ordinary block of flats. Wish the front door on my block of flats looked like this.
 Alcohol is a problem all over the world!

 Something that shocked Tony and l were the number of shops that sold knives, guns, knuckle dusters, police handcuffs, pepper sprays and police truncheons quite openly. They didn't even have bars on their windows.

 Don't you just love this cap?... I want one! Ha
 Wonder who died here? Actually it was part of an Art Installation for Nuit Blanche that was on over the weekend!

Night x

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I love how you show so many different aspects of your travels and your home area -- and how when you show the not-so-beautiful parts it doesn't come across as whining (whinging) or complaining, but just observing. When we travel we usually get a kick out of the bad along with the good, but I have trouble writing about the un-good. When I try, it comes across as if I'm a crabby old (complainer), so I end up not saying much about anything that wasn't perfect!

I need some of your talent please!