Monday, November 29, 2010

A trip to Kingston..!

On Friday, Tony and l decided to go to Kingston and look for a new kettle because ours had stopped working. As it was a nice clear day, we decided to go through Richmond Park and see the last of the Autumn colours. We were not dissapointed and we saw quite a few deer as well which always makes me smile.

Good job it was not rainning today, otherwise someone maybe getting very wet!

When we were waiting in the queue for John Lewis's carpark, you will never guess what we saw strutting around on the pavement? Look closely as it is very well camouflaged.
 It was a hen pheasant...l like to think it had escaped from the nearest butchers!
According to John Lewis there are only 7 days left to post your letters to Santa Clause.......are you listening children?
Remember why we went to Kingston? That's right, to buy a kettle. The image below shows you what Tony did every time l asked "How about this kettle"? Tony would look on his iphone and check what "Which" magazine said about best buy!!!!
 This is what we ended up with...isn't it gorgeous?....if you can call a kettle that!!!
Now l  am off to make a cup of tea in my nice new red kettle, that hardly makes any noise at all! night allxx

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Angie said...

Matches Tonys jacket! Which got me to singing 'all things bright...... all creatures.....
Sunday school jingle.