Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paris day 01.10.2010.

I think that you are ready for another day of my Paris we go.....
When l went to Paris a few years ago with a student friend of mine, Jules, l went to a gallery that l knew had "Tokyo" in the title but not where it was... Tony took me to The Modern Art Museum of Paris in the Trocadero area and there was the Tokyo Museum but it was closed for a huge, annual event called "La Nuit Blanche" (Details below).

The first thing l saw when l entered the Museum was a sculpture by one of my favourite woman artists..

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  1. Louise Bourgeois This is what she looks like, then you can see her amazing spider...

Unfortunately l can neither find nor remember the names of the artists involved...shame on me! But l hope you still enjoy them!

Love the way this sculpture ( a body cast l think) of a woman, just seems to come out of the wall towards you.

Love this sculpture of a scorpion made from scraps of metal.

This sculpture is quite weird when you actually look at it....a huge face on the centre woman!

I just love this shape and would have loved to have touched it. Just calls out to be held, don't you think too?

This next image still makes me smile. It was a group of French, primary school children being brought in to do some Art. It was great to see these small children being so excited about copying this piece of Art. I tried to take this image without showing the children clearly, for obvious reasons.
Now a question for you. Can you guess what this next image is? it is masking tape but what is it doing on this wall outside the Museum. I was told it was considered Graffiti and not part of the Museum...shame!

Hello Michael Jackson! fantastic image isn't it? The strange thing was, standing looking at this structure covered in pieces of tape l didn't recognise it as a portrait. Only when I viewed it through my camera lens did I appreciate the result. Very weird but very clever. Wonder who created it...
Thought l would show you how big this piece was by putting my very smart looking husband beside it!
This next image was of some graffiti on one of the walls of the building....interesting that there were quite a few different languages on this wall.

Today was really the only bad day we had during this week, we were so lucky because it was meant to be like this all week. I am so glad the weathermen got it wrong!
I think this was one of the nicest views of The Eiffel Tower l saw all the time we were in Paris. Loved suddenly coming across it between two buildings.

This next image is one again that makes me smile. This was a young Russian woman who made a bee line for Tony..ignoring me and asking for directions. I might have been invisible!!
This sculpture is outside Council Offices and looks very dramatic against the white stones that surround it.
I am not sure if the Artist did it on purpose or not but l don't think the finger on her raised hand is giving us a nice you?
This is another use for a Supermarket trolley. You see them all over Paris with either chestnuts or sweetcorn being cooked on them.

While we were visiting there was an Art  Event going between 2 tube stations called "Nuit Blanche"

The first night-time trail through the streets of Paris and its contemporary-art scene took place on 5 October 2002, and the opportunity for anyone to explore artistic creation for a night has come back every year since (usually in October). Discover Nuit Blanche (Sleepness night)...

Bringing art within everyone’s reach, using it to cast a new light on the city, and generally treating everyone to a fun time. That, in a nutshell, was what Paris Mayor Bertrand DelanoĆ«’s deputy for culture Christophe Girard wanted to do when he thought up the Nuit Blanche in 2002. A number of European cities (Brussels, Rome, Naples, Madrid and Riga, for example) have emulated this open, free-of-charge event.

This is such an usual sight....countries' flags not in colour but black and white...going with the "Nuit Blanche" theme!
Health and Safety doesn't exist as far as l could see in Paris! This was acually on the pedestrian crossing and one old lady did fall over the wire, while l was there.
Still hunting fungi even when in Paris! I was lucky enough to find these.

One of the things l found very useful about the Metro, were the progress maps indicating where you were on the route; and, therefore, the next stop. Very useful for the travellers in Paris who don't necessarily have much French.
Tony and l are not sure what this tap was for but saw them at most Tube Stations. I suppose you could  wash your hands or shoes, a place to let your dog have a drink? Any suggestions people?

Saw this beautifully dressed and very colourful lady waiting to catch the bus as we were walking home. She really cheered me up on this very miserable wet day! Love it when people wear their national costume as a normal day wear.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

There were so many times during this tour when I smiled, gasped, laughed with you (that Russian lady)...A great post, I loved every minute of the tour.

Did you ever have any problems with taking pictures in the galleries? (I mean, whether you have to sneak your shots, or if it is approved.)

lynda Howells said...

Hi Sallie, glad you are still with me!x I had no problem taking images as long as you didn't use a flash, the Gallery didn't mind.x
I really look forward to hearing from you each dayxlynda