Friday, November 19, 2010

Another walk through the streets of Paris.

I was fascinated by this sculpture, each time we went past it in the bus. So...l had to get off to go and see what it was. It was actually an advert for a shop!!!
All over Paris l kept seeing these blue arrows and, as yet, l have not found out what it is all about!
Then we came across this amazing clock sculpture. It is made up, as you can see, of loads of round clocks all of different sizes and set at different times. It is outside Gare St. Lazare (SNCF railway station). The artist was Arman, it is called "L'Heure de Tous" 1985.

These steps are the ones that lead up to this station's aren't they?
This is the view from the top of the station's steps and the "foetus" tells you there is more than likely a Catholic Church around here somewhere!
Then, just around the corner, l spotted another sculpture but it was behind wire and wooden fencing as there was work being done to the surrounding area. I think it was probably created by the same artist but l couldn't see. The detail in the suitcases is remarkable.

You often hear people in Britain complaining about the state of our roads but they have more than likely never driven in Paris!!!
Don't you just love this building? Yes l know l am not a religious person but l love Churches. Why?....maybe it is because of the smells, the stained glass windows, the beautiful paintings and so on. The actual building itself is just outstanding.
Isn't this a beautiful window, just imagine how long it must have taken to create?
Oh...this certainly says how someone is feeling about a certain man in France!!

I wonder what these arrows are meant to signify?
As we were winding our way back to the hotel, we came across a whole street of violin makers..such beautiful looking instruments.
Wow..this guy is wearing a lot of yellow isn't he? He was checking every waste bin he passed and filling  his plastic bags with what he found.
Just so you remember this is me taking these images...a nature image from Paris!

I think these Art Deco decorations over this Metro Station are wonderful. Made me smile every time l went down the stairs to the station.
Don't you think this woman is amazing?
Police here on bikes and l also saw Police on roller blades, cars and motor bikes and a few on foot. They are going to get you wherever you are!
Can you see this guy's Lego watch?...weird!
Very ethnic place Paris...great.
Want petrol.....? Last time l saw something this old was down a very small road in Scotland!
Anyone want a mirror...a shop that just sells "stuff" for men and their shaving activities!
 Oh! now l see not only blue arrows l am now finding yellow arrows too!!
 Yes you are seeing correctly..a fire engine acting like an ambulance! Water hoses have been taken down from the appliance to make just enough space for the stretcher!! And we in UK moan about our NHS services. Think again people!
 Love this very simple but beautiful tattoo.
We went past this fresh fish restaurant every night we walked back to our always looked so inviting and the smells were very fresh...wonderful.

Goodnight people xx


Beach House Living said...

Those deco lamps are just divine! Looks like a photographers dream to be in Paris.

~*~Patty S said...

fantastic trip you're having and so exciting to see your view of Paris!

Dayna Collins said...

I feel like I'm back in Paris! Some amazing shots of things I certainly didn't see . . . .