Monday, November 21, 2011

Day one at the Putney Exchange Exhibition...still really full of cold, feeling terrible but still got there...wait for 8.15!!! I am so proud of myself and didn't leave until 8pm!!!!

 Just thought l would show you some of the other artists involved in this exhibition.. .all very different from me!! Also l am the only artist working in textiles.

My space plus my wonderful "zebra crossing" trolley as my children call it! Won't be taking it tomorrow as it is in the way and there is no where to store it. That is the real problem when doing exhibitions in places like storage place!
The good news....l sold  2 unframed paintings. One of a sailing boat and the other is the whale you can see in the browser! There is a nice story attached to this sale. A very pregnant woman ( baby due in 10 days) and her friend loved my work. They had been at Uni together and hadn't seen each other since then. One lives in Oman and the other in Spain and had just met today for a special reunion.  It was so nice to think my Art has been bought to remind them of this day and seal their friendship.


Penny said...

A sale is always so much better when it has a story behind it. Love exhibit - but a loooong day for you. Take care of yourself!

Mary said...

Lynda I am going to repeat myself and say I LOVE the wall hangings.

Martine said...

is that you above Lynda?
you look great..... surely chocolate life and jazz.................
ga girl!

lynda Howells said...

thanks guys for your nice comments. Yes that is me Martine!!!!xxx had a great week, loads of sales and a few commissions but now l am very tired but happy!