Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday Selections #44

Sunday Selections #44

Sunday Selections is hosted by Kim from Frogpondsrock to give us an opportunity to post those photos that are lurking somewhere in some folder on your computer, almost forgotten. If you have folders filled with photos waiting to be shown on your computer, you can always hop over to the rocking frog ponds and join in.

My images for today's post!
A few years ago l had a fantastic week in Amsterdam with my gorgeous husbandx Here are some of those images which have been stored on my laptop for quite a while. Perhaps it is time they were shown the light again!!!
Thanks for reminding me of a great hoilday!

 Sorry guys had to take this one!!!!

Hope you enjoyed them, was great seeing them again!


artymess said...

great photos ....x

Carolina said...

Enjoyed them? LOVED them. Being born and raised in Amsterdam may have something to do with that, but there are some wonderful shots there. Love the punk guy, and the gentleman relieving himself, the reflections, the bike against the painted wall... Great shots! Thank YOU for bringing back memories ;-)

lynda Howells said...

Glad you liked themxx glad l bought back happy memories for you Carolinexx

frogpondsrock said...

Thanks for the smile Lynda. I kept on scrolling down and I really enjoyed your photos of the Halloween market as well.

permanently amanda said...

I love the rain one, and that statue is wonderful. I am finding the, um, alfresco urinals a little hard to take though :s Really not sure about that!

The Elephant's Child said...

Loved them all. The mohawk and the graffiti were perhaps my favourites. But wait, there was the reflections and the statue. Essentially what I am saying is that I can't choose. Thank you.

lynda Howells said...

thank you everyone for the wonderful words you have all saidx

Marita said...

Loved the statue with the scary face :) and the raindrops.

Open air urinals are a bit, different.