Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween Day and party at The Brickbox!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. I can tell you my broomstick worked well!
At the BrickBox on Saturday we had a great day of Halloween based activities for children and adults. Ray created some amazing drawing to decorate the place.

One of the tables was used to show children and adults how to make scary mobiles. We drew and cut-out skulls, pumkins, ghosts and bats .

These are some of the cut-outs.
We also had a clay skull decorating table. They could decorate them with glitter glue, loose glitter and confetti bits. All l can say is that there was a LOT of glue spread around! Ha.

As you can see from this image...l was right about a lot of glitter glue being used. I have no idea how long it will take to dry!

This young man was so excited he forgot which one he was decorating and ended up by decorating at least 6...all at the same time!ha!

One of the other Artist's ran a Potato Printing Table, which proved to be very popular.

We also decided to have Facepainting session too. Elenor and l both decided to have our faces painted to add to the Halloween Spirit!




After.......scary or what!

Some of the other face-painted faces!

We also had a Maskmaking table.

EID on Sunday..HALLOWEEN on Monday......

We prepared for an evening adult Party to Celebrate "The Day of the Dead ". We built shrines and decorated the place.

The beginning of the inside of a shrine.

Then the Market was shut and the main lights went out.....great atmosphere!

Hope you had a great night my spooky friends!!!!

Sugar skulls...yummy!

Did l just see a ghost?



Mary said...

I do envy you Lynda You seem to give,and get so much from your arty activities.
By the way I hope you have had a most WONDERFUL birthday.

lynda Howells said...

thank you Mary. It has taken me years being back in UK until l found this "place and people".
I had a great birthdayxxxxxxx:)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the grown-ups had as much, or more, fun as the kids!!
Birthday?? Belated greetings!

lynda Howells said...

Thank you for my birthday greetings paddy's daughterxx And yes the parents did actually enjoy themselves, once l had got them to forget they were adults and just play!!! One of the mum's in her 20's didn't know how to use scissors...she had always got some one else to do it for her or the group. How sad is that? I taughgt her how to use them and she was so happy..she just cut and cut and cut! She was so proud of herself, she actually cried.

Bailey Thompson said...

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