Tuesday, November 15, 2011


While we were waiting at the traffic lights on Sunday, l saw this notice on a certainly made me giggle!...dead bikes!

On Sunday, as you will have seen from the previous post, we had a family lunch at The Black Swan. While we were having a drink before lunch, look what l saw out through the pub window! A slower way of life..great!
This pub is very popular and there are always lots of cars around....someone didn't take much notice of this sign did they?
 I just loved this vase....the sun shinning through it was amazing.
 There are so many beautiful old houses around in this area. This is one of cute.
On the way home, we decided to show my daughter, who was in the car, this gorgeous "Secret Place" we have found. It has a walled garden, cafe, small studio's and a garden centre. The children's play area is gorgeous, full of nature scultures and a wigwam to boot!.
Today there was also a Yurt ( I think this is what it is called) in the grounds and l just love the wooden ornate doors. The tree to the right is an Olive Tree, luckily their collection survived last year's hard snow. The leaves are a wonderful source for dyeing! This place is just getting better and better and is so peaceful during the week, when it is less busy.
 For my Eco-dyeing friends..look at all these rusty items...sigh!
 And this rusty spade.....l was wondering how to smuggle this out but that would be stealing!Ha!
 Is it me or do you think this is a mightly posh concrete post..just to hold up barbed wire? Ha!
 Love this image...Car washing and drying area, looks so domestic!
I was doing a project a few years ago concerning letters in the enviroment. I was reminded of that project when l saw this perfect O in the tree.
 Do you have these in your area.....Adult Gyms in the open air? they are great fun.
I have often gone past these chimneys, thinking they belonged to a factory or something. It wasn't until today when l went a bit slower than usual past them, l realised they actually belong to a housing complex...look so much fun! Each chimney is diffent colours and all are very bright.

 This image is especially for my son....35 Rums always in stock!!!!
The last image shows the gorgeous evening sky!

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