Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My Art, Tooting Market and some more art!

I am now panicking as l have a show opening on Friday and l am not really ready.....ahhhhh! Here are some of the pictures and wall hangings that l will be showing. It is a gallery called Mine in Calshalton.
 While l was looking for some mirror tiles to hang my images from, found these very cheap copper bits...for my eco-dyeing!
 This is the next bag l am in the middle of making. Felted wool, dyed and is now being made and decorated, all by hand.

This piece of cotton canvas is being decoated after being eco-dyed. It will be added to the piece of cloth l am making, that will be turned into a shirt or maybe a jacket!
 This piece of eco-dyeing is very delicately decorated from being eco-dyed...but once decorated the rose will show up more clearly.
This next image is to show you the cords l have chosen to use with my felted  bags. The cords will become handles or straps.
Brick Box which l have spoken of on here many times, now also has a Vintage Shop attached to it. It has some wonderful things in it and all at very reasonable prices l think.
 Saw this orange on the edge of a dustbin and it sort of shouted at l took it's image!
 This is the Butchers that is beside Brick Box in Tooting Market...can you see the pig's head?
Some Saturday evenings after work, Tony comes to pick me up by car. While waiting for him , l am quite often entertain by what is going on around me. I have walked past this salon loads of times but it wasn't till it was dark and the lights came on...l noticed this sign!
 This next image reminds me so much of my time living in the Bahamas. This food store and the ladies that run it could be found on most beaches in Nassau or on many of the small islands around the place! The colour may also help to remind me of Nassau!
 And last but not least this image of the sisters. These two ladies that are crossing the road, l met many years ago when l did a photography project in Putney. They look like twins but in fact are sisters, a few years apart. They live together and l seem to remember are in their late 80's. They still do their own shopping and are as lively as most 65 year olds l know. Great couple to talk to about life past and present.


Cath said...

Oh Wow! Lynda, I live in Carshalton,what time will you be opening your exhibition?

lynda Howells said...

oh l had forgotten you lived there.....will send you link and times nowxxxwould be amazing to meet youxlynda

lynda Howells said...

Hi cath it is 6.30-9pm...would be great to see you therexxx

Connie Rose said...

Ooh, wish I were there! I love your new felted bag!

Dayna Collins said...

Great photos and it looks like you will have a lovely exhibition!

artymess said...

...good luck with the exhibition .......I'll bet its stunning take lots of pics for us ...x

Penny said...

Oh I wish I could attend your exhibition!! I LOVE the vibrant colors you use. Also love this felted bag.

lynda Howells said...

Susan wrote: "I wanted to leave a comment on your blog, Lynda, but couldn't connect. Your photographs are SUPER! They really capture the feel for the neighborhood, makes me feel like I'm right there."

lynda Howells said...

I am so angry...again people are unable to leave messages on here......grrrr
Betty Eilat Couldn't leave a comment on your blog. wanted to say this: You are one talented woman... good luck Friday! ;)))

Mary said...

Lynda what can I say ? great photos Again and I just love the wall hangings.And the sisters made me smile as my Mother in Law and her twin sister still live together as they have done all their lives,even when they were married,(both are widowed)and they are 84.