Saturday, November 19, 2011

My normal Saturday activities!

I still have flu, still feel quite grotty but happily went to create at Brick Box today because it is such a "happy" place. My wonderful husband took me there by car, so l could have more time in the morning to get ready for next week's exhibition. 
Look what l saw hiding away in the hedge today....a solitary really made me smile.

 Yes l know, l am a big kid really but one of the main reasons l like so l can run through the piles of fallen leaves. just love the noise they make when stepped upon ...heaven!
 One of two self portraits sans make-up , l took today. Still trying to find an image that l feel shows the real me. As for years l used to hate every photo that was taken of me, the fact that l can now not only cope with what l see but 7 out of 10 images...l actual quite like!
 The Art Table waiting for customers young and old to come and create. Very slow to start with today but got busier later in the afternoon. Today we were using stencils to make Christmas Cards and/or Bookmarks.
 This car and flower were hand drawn by a 5 year old little girl, going on 30! She was amazing - bright, articulate and funny. She really made me smile when she started to "design" her car and l mean design. We started with the tyres and where they should go and why to where the seat should be for the driver...a fascinating child.
 Her finished card, which was made for her "mommy". Not sure who was covered in more silver glitter, the card or her! We had a great time talking about how hot America was, that it snowed at Christmas but only in some places and her school is full of mad children!! I love this job.
 This the second self portrait which l took because l wanted to see how this cardigan looked really... if you see what l mean ladies? Ha!
 These three young brothers get on so well together and are extremely talented young artists. Apparently they take after their mum, who is a very talented animator.
 I did have a nice surprise later in the afternoon, when my daughter Jenny came to see where l was working. I think she was impressed and l was very happy to show off my very attractive daughter!
I  asked the brothers' mum if we could maybe use all or one of these cards as The Brick Box Christmas Card..Answer..YES! have talked to "Boss" and l think it maybe a goer!! Yippee.
 A selection of many bookmarks made by a 5 year old, who told me he needed this many because he might have a lot of books one day. So sweet!
 I am sure this young man, of 9 (l think), will go far in the Art World if he decides to carry it on. He was so "into" his drawing it was wonderful to see.
 I did some photography shots today for Terry, who runs the Vintage shop in Brick Box. This is by now ..the fur coat that is...hopefully already up on ebay!
 More young artists at work.... funnily enough they were all boys today.

I went home early at 4pm today, as not only am l still feeling pretty grotty but l have to get ready to take down one exhibition...and put the next one up, within an hour of each other tomorrow. (Sunday). Why do l do it to myself?
Night folks.


Dayna Collins said...

I love seeing the kid's art!! Looks like a fun, productive day -- in spite of you being sick.

lynda Howells said...

That's what keeps me going...the smiles from the children even when l just want to die! Hax