Sunday, November 20, 2011

One down and the next one goes up!

My wonderful husband Tony, sat and did "my" 3 hours stint at the Mine Gallery this morning and then took it down for me. I had another exhibition to put up in The Putney Exchange later in the afternoon and l knew l would never manage it if l didn't rest before hand. The empty stand on the left is my space.

Tony helped to put the frames together and then sat and helped me to decide where things should go.
The person next to me is Graham and l am looking after his space as he is at work till 7pm each night. He then had a small space at the bottom of his frame, which he kindly lent me.
There are 20 of us showing our work this time and I am lucky as l am facing the Cafe!!!!......Drinking wine or coffee, nice food..comfty chair....calm and happy people....looking at my Art.....never know what they may decide to buy!!

And look at all the Christmas decorations hanging over my space!!!


Terrie said...

Sounds a good day and very impressive. You've a lovely husband to help you, lucky you. The hangings are very pretty.

lynda Howells said...

Yes l do know how lucky l am but he is lucky too!Hax thank for your nice comments about my workx