Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thinking about the Future!

Today l have been thinking a lot about my Art. Where does my creativity go from here? How can l create more customers? What should my website look like? and so on. Being an Artist is more than just "creating" Art and l don't think l have really thought about it seriously since l came back to the UK. I have to sort out my Website quickly because it has become very clear to me, since the last show, people need to see your Art. They like to see what else you create, that isn't at the Show/Exhibition they are viewing. Buyers also said they would like to see my work as it progresses and also to see what cards l am producing. This was so they could order "stuff" from me, throughout the year.
Today l have been finishing off a few commissions for Silk paintings and then l am starting on a Wall Hanging that is going off to Hanoi for Christmas. 
My Art is dividing itself into different Silkpainting creations:-

My Eco-dyeing fabrics which are then turned into bags/clothes etc:-

Then there is my Wax work which is just beginning to come together. And, lastly... there are my photographs Should they be on the same website? or a different one?? Interesting times!!! 
How do l get more people to see my blog and then my website? Do l join Etsy?... How do l sell my Art other than by Shows? Oh so many questions... When l have figured it out... l will tell you! Ha!
Tomorrow l will show you what l have been painting to-night. Brrrrrr... Hope it is brighter and less windy tomorrow. I do so hate these Winter days when, by 3.30ish in the afternoon, it is depressing!!!


artymess said...

you and me both girl !!!..thats all I have been thinking about too after doing the fair on Sunday and selling stuff !!!and all the feedback .....when you have worked it out let me know and if I work it out before you then I'll let you know ......xx

Emma said...

Etsy next, for me, & revamping (not sure how!) my aged website which just floats about in limbo.. so much to do so little time!

lynda Howells said...

Glad l am not the only one....we can sort it girls..xx

Angie Willis said...

Hi Lynda. I have the same problem sometimes - wondering whether to put my photography on a separate blog to my attempts at stitchery. But in the end I decided to leave it all together because it's all what I do and life's too short to have loads of blogs. I have a separate one for my C&G course work but that's because I have to.
Thanks for your comment on my blog! said...

Always tricky trying to work this stuff out. Good luck :-)

~*~Patty S said...

The business end of art is a whole different matter isn't it!

My lack of techiness slows me down a good truly is amazing that I even have a blog hah

Best wishes to you...your creativity is so special and unique!
p.s. word verification
another description for a dreary rainy day LOL