Tuesday, November 08, 2011

To Islington and back!

Went to babysit the electrician at my daughter's flat and so as usual l took some images of the journey there and the surrounding area.
While waiting for the bus l saw this very small label on the bus intrigued me!
l have always meant to take an image of this clock on the tube station platform but as we are not allowed to use flash, the conditions have never been right. Today everything was right.

In Holloway there are some amazing building, old and new and they all seem to muddle along together very nicely. This building is part of the University complex in this area.

I just love this juxtaposition of a Betting shop, a Mosque and a Dancing Club.....just have to love the thought that went into this Buildings Application Form! ha!
This next sight really upsets me and l am so sorry we still see people who have no where else to go but the streets.

As l was walking to Jenny's flat, l happened to look up and there l saw this amazing roof top.
This tower normally doesn't stand out but today it really shone out. 
As l said earlier, there are so many different stlyes of building around here. These are some of the amazing flats round here. The coloured glass bannisters really stand out and they also catch the sun.

Also in this area are are very artistic Street Artists. Do you agree....?

Then in the middle of the flats found this great cafe.....lovely coffee!
Walking back to the station found this very "elegant" drinking hole!
This rundown house stands all on its own, opposite the railway station. It looks very weird standing there all on its own and l am not sure if it is occupied. The turquoise seems a strange colour to paint this building.
As l changed from the tube to the No.14 bus, l suddenly remember this sculpture that l meant to take some images of. As the bus was late, l had time to go and look at it. Unfortunetly the sky came over grey and so l do not have very good images. I still decided to take them, maybe next summer l will take some better ones with blue sky behind!!!

This last image is a "JUST BECAUSE" image!!



Carrie said...

Great photos. It just goes to show that you don't have to look any further than your own neighbourhood for inspiration.

lynda Howells said...

thanks Carriexx I often tell people you don't need to go overseas to take good images...just look around you more often!