Saturday, May 29, 2010

2nd part of day in Camden Town

This is the second and last record of our day in Camdon Town. It is such an amazing place, so full of sounds, smells, interesting people and colour, so much colour. The first image is of the people who carry round advertising placards all day long. I wouldn't like to do their job but at least it is a job, some would say.

All along, on both sides, are huge sculptures hanging or attached to shop fronts, to advertise their wares. I rather like the image below for the shop calling its self "4 Feet"and using painted images of cats and one huge sculpture! great fun to look at.

I also advice people to once in a while look up and see what you might be missing. In this case l took my own advice and look what l saw!!! I wonder if this chimney was made this way or just had an accident? Even so, l think it is fantastic! Very quirky!
This gorgeous chandalier was hanging from the ceiling in one of the shops sparkled and shone so brightly, l just had to try and take a good image of it. It took me a long time to get the exposure right but l think l am happy with the end result.
The young man and his female friend were in awe of the place and said it there is nothing like this in New York and they will be back! Sometimes when we live here, we take it too much for granted and we need to be reminded every so often, so we don't forget it!
This red piece of cloth caught my eye and l wonder why it was here? It looked as if it was tied here for a reason..shame l don't know what it is all about!
Tony caught me coming out of this shop, whose name he thought says it all about me! It is called "Curiosity"!!!!!!!Unfortunetly it is an amazing shop for all sorts of old things, like dolls, postcards and bits of music sheet paper is SO expensive!!Shame. If they had been a little cheaper, l would have bought quite a bit.
NOW.....l love shoes and l adore my boots but a cross between the two...not sure about this craze in shoes?? Are they comfortable l wonder?
Another wall full of large sculptures advertising whats in the shops below. The huge Doc.Martin boot moved backwards and forwards as if walking! Can you see the over-sized piecings as well?!
I love these guy's braided hairpieces...would love to do this but just for once..really do think l am too old to wear it.! my god that's a first, l hear my husband say!Hax
Even Goths have to do normal things like take money out of the cash machines! Queuing behind Tony!

As we went back towards the Tube Station, we saw these buildings with their unusual pub names!

Outside the World's End pub was a crowd of people queuing..why? l have no idea. I thought that the pubs should be open normally at this time in the afternoon....anyway..they added colour to the place!

The last image from Camden, is one l want to share with you because every time l look at it, makes me smile. These lasies were just so happy and their smiles say it all..don't they?! Thanks ladies.

The last image in this blog, deals with last section of the day, a visit to Oxford Circus! My wonderful husband had organised an appointment for me at Brassimo..a bra shop! He did this because he knew l needed some more bras but was worried about spending the money, as l am not working much, at present! It is an amazing shop, measures you with only looking at you, (no tape measures in sight!) and suggests the right bra for you.  I also found a wonderful new clothes item.... A t-shirt with thin straps and a fitted bra insided the t-shirt itself. Hurray! As l am large on top, l could never wear a t-shirt or thin strapped dress because my bra straps are too wide! Also a strapless bra that fits me perfectly and doesn't move or slip when you move around!!!!!L am so happyx thanks Tonyxx Mind you, he did enjoy sitting in the lounge with all those women round him, while he waited!!!!! But the real reason Tony asked me to  take this image was because of the name of the pub, just down the road.........the pub is called The Cock!!!!..wonder which came first? And please note, TONY NOTICED THE CONNECTION not me!!!!!!!!Ha!

Hope those of you in the UK, are having a wonderful Bank Holiday and not stuck in any huge motorway queues. Lyndax


Lost Aussie said...

Great photos!

Angie said...

LOVED looking around Camden with you, thanks so much. My mum was born in Fulham & my grandmother in Putney (1865) so any wanderings around London gives me great pleasure.

Beach House Living said...

Certainly a place to people watch.

Undergarments are one of those items that when they fit good you find the money no matter how much is well spent.