Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Senior Playground and a walk through Hyde Park and Kennsington Gardens.

A few days ago, Tony and l went to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, to see..wait for it...A Senior Playground!! You heard amazing playground for the over 60's!Ha! honestly l kid you not!! On the way by the Number 14 bus,  we were stopped outside the Marsden Hospital (Cancer Hospital) because there had been a fire alert. By the time we arrive, luckily the problem or false alarm seemed to be over, as everyone was trooping back into the hospital.

Below are a few image of the Senior Playground..not very big but "good things come in small parcels", or so my gran used to tell me!.

I must admit we did have some fun...we will be back as it is much better than exercising indoors! The sign below is in the wrong place but l think is rather funny in this "wrong" place!

I have always wanted to Roller Blade but l do not have good balance these days and also if l fell, l would be VERY worried l would damage my back surgery. So l have to be content to watch other people having, what looks like great fun.
This young man makes me feel so old but he was amazing. Great fun to watch him having such fun and learning with  his dad!
The image below of young girls sunbathing, is actually funnier than it appears....can you see the young men  in the background?....well they spent most of the time just staring at them...isn't summer a wonderful time?!Ha!
The park was full of people playing, sunbathing, having picnic's, reading and sleeping and none of them playing music out-loud anywhere!..except...two young woman with an ipod on a base station..not the sort of girls l would expect to be doing this!!!!!

Normally building sites are not beautiful places to look at BUT l have just found one that is not the norm. Beautifully shiny, shimmering purple/blue curtain hanging over the building itself!!! The boarding  in front of the curtains are also fun! See the two images below!! It is l think, going to be VERY expensive flats!!

The image below is of one of the many sign posts on the floor, to point to The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk in Kennsington Gardens. I think they are actually quite beautiful .
I really love this building or shelter..what an amazing place to sit and read or just rest. The wood and the height really make this an very impressing looking building!
Just before we left the Park, to catch our bus home..l heard the sound of hooves. Turned around and saw this group of children and adults coming towards us. I am used to seeing adult rides in and around the parks all the time. I haven't seen children before being taught rather than just been lead by a wakling adult. It was a lovely sight to see and all the children were full of smiles and talking non stop.....such fun!
What a lovely way to end a very enjoyable day in Central London!


Felisol said...

Rucksack and walking sticks are my weekly equipped as I go hiking in the mountains. Now I can bring them to the Senor playground in London, isn't that great.
Actually the hiker ladies were in London a few years ago and stayed in the tourist ghetto just across Kensington Gardens.
I think we'll definitely manage a walking stick tour in Hyde Park. I've better show this post to my friends.

Beach House Living said...

Senior playground? How wonderful. I'd love an adult playground even. I never learned the skill of roller blading either. The pricey skates sit in near new condition. Seeing the horses would have made the day. Such magnificent animals they are. I never tire of looking at them.

La Dolce Vita said...

senior playground sounds fun! I am up for that!! but not rollerblading!! you took some great shots and that fence is amazing!!!

EG Wow said...

Thanks for that brief tour of London!

CafebyJW said...

Lovely giant pencil around there :)

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Dave said...

looks like a fun day, nice photos, I dont blame the guys, I'll do the same given the chance, if my wife is not with me that is. Lol

shubd said...

You truly had a full day !!
Summer seems to have finally decided to arrive :)
May you enjoy many more days of brilliant sunshine .

Sorry Lynda for the delay in replying to your visit but i was caught up with my Mom's ill health

Menopausal musing said...

Loved having a look through all your photos again......... The roller blading ones reminded me of sitting there one day (we catch the coach back to Bristol near Speakers' Corner). The roller blading was just lovely to watch and I remember saying how much fun it looked. Loved the photo of the boarding with pencils.... wonderful!

Marilyn Rock said...

Terrific photos; I felt like I was there! Love the thought of a senior playground!

Dan Kent said...

These photos are so beautiful - it makes me want to immediately hop on a plane across the pond, to go to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.