Friday, May 28, 2010

Our day in Camden Market Area!

On Thursday, Tony and l went to Camden Market...the change that has occured since the fire there, 2 years ago. It is an amazing place of over 1000 shops, stalls, food halls and entertainment areas. It is open 364 days a year.....closed on Christmas Day! Full of colour, noise and many many characters! below are some images from our day there! Hope you enjoy it!
The image below is a section of one side of the main High Street. l just love all the over-sized sculptures of shoes, cats, heads, trousers ect above the entrance of each shop..advertising their wares!
This is one of the over-sized sculptures l was talking about, above many shops.

The next colourful image is at almost the end of the High Street and l just love this idea, very quirky and says a lot about the atmosphere that is Camden Town!
In the centre of the area, is Camden Lock itself, where the canal boats come in and out and watching the men and woman operating the locks, and the boats going up or down, is very exciting.

Sometimes l wonder what is or was in the minds of designers when they develop an area. For example, the image below shows some fun scooters as seats, which is exciting BUT look at what they are expecting customers to be looking at, while eating! What were they thinking of? If they had put the bikes against the wall, the table in front of them,  they could then watch the passing traffic and people in front of them..far more exciting!!!!
Part of the complex is called "The Stables" and has quite a history of using horse to pull wagons ect and the area at the bottom of the stairs is the old stable's area. These have been turned into shops and eating areas...fantastic place. All over this area, are life sized and extra large bronze horses and workman celebrating their life in this area..
There are many tattoo and piecing salons all over the place, hence all the parading advertising boards! I admire people who dress they way they want and have their own style....long may it last! I love this guys boots but they also remind me of clown shoes!!

For lunch we popped into this Vegetarian Cafe called "Spiral", the food was amazing and the atmosphere was great, with views over the Canal.
There are so many oppurtunities to eat every type of food you could think off, all over the area. Cafes, restaurants and stalls, all with lovely smells, enthusastic chefs and oh so colourful! Reminds me of the many souks and shopping areas, in such places as Singapore or old Dubai!
One of the large bronze horses, that are all over the place, had a decorated ,mane, tail and forehead with ribbons, plastic strands, felt flowers ect. 
The horse was advertising a very funky Hairdressers which creates the most amazing hairstyles, made of weaving, plaiting and so on. 

The shop was called Pepi's and below the horse image is one of the shop signpost..look at all those heads!!!!l think it is wonderful and l want it!Ha!

Below are some men who are now resting but moments earlier where walking around, carrying a "banner on a stick", as my friend used to call them!...advertising yet another piercing and Tattoo studio and/or another kind of shop!
While wandering round the shops l find a "Vintage" shop and hanging on one of the walls were these gas marks. I don't know if it was the lighting or what, but for something l think is quite scarry...they looked so beautiful and almost fragile!!
The man in the next image, made me think l was in the wrong time zone...a hippy on the loose. But he had an amazing aura of peace around him and seems to be at peace with himself and all around him..l envy him almost.
The last image in this entry is of a very colourful group of African hats outside one of the many stalls around the place. A colourful note to end today on...more from this day out tomorrow!Nightx


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda, Hope all is well with you and your hubby.
You take some very interesting colourfull photos, a pleasure to browse and read. Take care from Carol.

WrightStuff said...

Nice to meet you Lynda! I haven't been to Camden for years but it used to be a regular haunt. Last time I was due to go was when it burnt down, so it got put on hold. Looks like it's time to re-plan that little trip!

Mandy C said...

wow you've taken some fab photo's ~ just looked at the Camden ones. I went there a couple of years ago ~ a week before the old market caught fire. It's so amazing. My daughter is desperate to go there but i wouldn't know where to go! lol the underground is a scary place for us lol i see you took a shot of gas masks... my god my lily would love it! she is after a gas mask to wear. i've never been embarrassed of any of her weirdness but THAT just may cut the mustard! lol

you should go for the hair falls! amazing things... my daughter has some... you attach them to your usual hair so are easily put in and out. i have pink hair and im 42! lol

you are def going on my blog list!

nice A said...

Lots of colorful and interesting pictures. I like the horse with very attractive mane:)
Thanks for stopping by.