Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A trip to Wimbledon Park.

The other day, Tony and l went to see what Wimbledon Park was like. We had read about it on the internet and decided it was worth investigating. It is in a REALLY nice area and just to proof it..look at this amazing house and the garden few doors down!! Yes it is a whole house and not flats!

The park has amazing children's play areas but for obvious reasons l couldn't take images of the children or the play area. Each area is gated off and is beautifully kept and was full of children, parents and grandchildren. The Park also has public tennis courts and the lake you see in the images below has ducks and geese on it and also they sail on it. Too cold and choppy today for any action. In the image below on the left handside, you will be able to see a moorehen's nest. 
And here is mum on her nest. As l approached the dad tried to attack me, so l took image and quickly left so as not to frighten them any more. i was surprised to see how much rubbish was in the nest as well as twigs and leaves.
The image below, a pontoon, is where the boats would be  launched from. At the moment it is occupied by ducks, moorhens, geese and pigeons! I have put images up of the birds around the lake.

The area where the boats, canoes, windsurfers and all the other kit is kept, is fenced in and locked but l have to admit the security looks very flimsy!!! 
The next image , is of my husband, being happy watching a game of bowls in the Park. Tony has his granddad's woods (name for balls!) and l think may very soon join to play. One of the things l saw at this club which made me smile, was there were several youngsters playing, as well as the "elderly"players.
As we were walking towards the exit, l looked up for some reason, and there on the roof of one of the out buildings was this young lady!! Strange place for a statue...interesting though!

Can you see the sleeping monster in the below image?!Ha!
The fungi in the image below, was tucked up in the roots of a tree, at the entrance/exit to the Park. I wandered round to the other side of the tree, to see if there were anymore...and got a surprise.
In a crack in the trunk, which in it's self l thought was interesting..was a fungi trying to grow and getting quite contorted! After you have look at the fungi, look again at the wood....isn't it amazing?


Beach House Living said...

Sounds like quite a day! I like the photos of the bird and ducks and agree the wood has such interesting textures. I like to photo driftwood.

Tina Gilmore said...

Lynda, you make me want to just grab my camera, explore and click away. There are such beautiful things to photograph here but i couldn't make them look interesting the way you do. Love your postcard/collages too. xx

Anonymous said...

Loove the ducks! I've been to Putney, actually I lived in Purley fo 5 years. Although at the time I hated the weather (and the way it gets dark so early), I really do miss England.
Left you a message on my blog.