Friday, May 07, 2010

First outing of new walking boots and Nordic Walking Sticks!!!

My first outing with new boots and Nordic Walking Sticks!!  I love my sticks, makes my life much easier. My back was great and my hips didn't give me any pain...amazing! fingers crossed l may have found away to walk with tony with no ill effects!!!!!
The bird you see below, we think is a jackdaw but what caught our attention, was that he had a white stripe across each wing. Never seen this before!

Need some where to selter when it rain or just to play in with is your tree! great isn't it? the whole pof richmond Park is covered with amazing trees and an awful lot of dead trees that have wonderful holes and tunnels in them! As you can probably guess, l love wood. I have a whole album in facebook, that is just all about wood!Ha!

When you look at the following could ask..who needs Artists? When l look at this dead tree, l always think of Henry Moore or Barbara Hepworth!

Saw these beautiful yellow flowers, don't know there name but they were so bright and cheerful and really cheered me it started to drizzle!

Another of the many trees l love and take images of every month or so, to see what changes through that time. I intended to do some Art with these images..maybe photos and text and also some embroidery work as well!

Oh bless him!Ha! Tony going back to his Army days and praticing being "On Parade"! So great to see that his sense of humour is returning as well as his stamina!
Another gorgeous flower that caught my eye, as we entered into The Isabella Plantation Enclosure.
Everytime l see this tree, l think that any moment it will start to move towards me! I call it my one eyed monster tree!
Once inside The Isabella Plantation, you see the little river that flows towards a small pond which houses many different types of ducks. I love watching and listening to this tiny waterfall which is one corner of the pond.
The image below is of a Mandarin duck which took a fancy to me..l kid you not! They are normally shy birds but not this one. I was standing by the edge of the pond, taking images, when suddenly l was approached by this male duck, who processed to do a mating dance infront of me. One of the Park Wardens was laughting his head off and said he had never seen them do this before! not sure l should be pleased or horrorified!Ha.

After awhile, when he got no response, he eventually went back into the water, found his mate and headed off to the bushs! Men..l ask you!

The bird below is a Coot, l know this because his beak is white, if it was red, it would be a Moore Hen! I think l have it the right way round....In any case, what ever it is, l adore his feet!!!
The duck in the image below has the most gorgeous glossy brown feathers, really would love to be able to touch it, juat to see if it really is as soft as it looks.
These two ducks were so funny, they waddled around the place as if they owned it. At one point, there were quite a few people wandering around and they seemed to appear to be trying to herd the people together. Very funny to watch!

The image of the above duck had a head with feathers the colour of russett. It was amazing, it really did glow and shimmer in the light. The beak was deep blue at both ends and a beautiful pale blue in between. The rest of its feathers shimmered in the bright light and when the sun caught any water drops on the feathers, they looked like small glass beads....beautiful!
The next image is of small of the ducks heading towards a man, who was about to feed them bits of bread.
I just adore the way the feathers on the head of the duck with black and white feathers, form into a sort of quiff but at the back of his head not on his forehead! very cute! The other duck had feathers of a brown that actually looked like velvet!
This next image is of a coot landing in the middle of a group of ducks, so he could be include in the feeding frenzie which was just starting!
It wasn't until l took this image that l realised that this duck had a bit of yellow at the end of his red beck. I had always thought they were just red. Will have to go and check my bird book to see iof this is normal!

I always love going to see the ducks at this particular pond because they are always so lively, funny and there are so many different kinds that it is never boring!


Shayna Prentice said...

What a BEAUTIFUL and inspiring series of images, Lynda! I truly love each one and your accompanying thoughts are treasures. Thank you so much.

Jane said...

I have often seen with these sticks and thanks to you I understand!
Lovely blog, I will return :)

bad penny said...

what a perfect place for a spot of hide & seek. Wonderful trees.
Thanks for your message - I'll keep in touch here xx

Felisol said...

Good equipment is half the jog (and joy).
Walking with sticks has changed my hiker life. We are four ladies up and about all over hills and valleys every Tuesday. I thought the name was Nordic walking though. You might like to pay this site a visit.
The beautiful scenery is not Nordic at all.
Kind of oriental?

Lynda Howells said...

oh...spelt the word are is Nordic sticks!!sorry.
Thanks for visiting my blogzzlove seeing you all here and reading your comments.xlynda

Lesa said...

Gosh-- I love all your posts-- the city ones and the nature ones. I really want to hide in that tree-- and I love your monster tree but I'd probably call it an old ent tree-- maybe it walks about when no one is looking.

adrianne said...

All of them were really nice picture. Specially that of birds. I also like your point of view and thoughts for that. Good on you.
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walking said...

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