Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pt 2 of A day out at the Jousting Tournament!

The Tournament started with the knights gathering together and then galloping into the ring. Two blue knights and two red knights fight it out at many different games..all in fun!
       Blue Knight No. 1

Red Knight No. 1
Red knight No.2
Blue knight No.2
The Knights enter the Arena to comence Battle!
Once in the ring..the fun starts. One of the games, involved a rider with a long pole which which he had to try and pick up a head and lift it high. by a head, l mean a wooden one..not a real one like it used to be!Ha!

And...hey presto...the head! After each rider had had a go..the main event started!

I hadn't realised how loud the crack would be, when the lances (a long weapon for thrusting, having a wooden shaft and a pointed steelhead, used by a horseman in charging.) made contact. Some times one of the lances would brake, other times nothing happened. But what l remember is the noise of contact.

It really was exciting to watch and hear. The sound of the horses hooves on the hard ground, the snorting of the horses, the swish of their tails and then the sound of the lances making contact. then the roar of the crowd and the shouts of the other participents waiting their turn and chiildren playing and laughing. Such an atmosphere...amazing! There were many bouts and other games played in between. Knights chasing each other and fighting each other with swords and lots of play acting.

Taking a breather!!!!!!

There were many helpers, men, woman, young, old and quite a few this young lady standing ready with equipment for one of the Blue Knights.

At one point in the proceedings, all the children were invited into to take part in the activities and then were lead round the arena and then back to their parents. As you will see from the images below, they enjoyed themselves and were quite cute!! each child was given some kind of object assosiated with the knoights, to carry.

And as you can see...some of the children were a little more cheeky than others!Ha
After the Event was over, you saw children fighting each other with swords bought from the shop that was on the grounds. 

It was so good to see that some parents were also game for a fight!!

When the fighting and other games had finished, we went off top see the grounds and the birds of Prey show. theat part of the day is Part 3 of this entry!


Beach House Living said...

It's confirmed the fair I went to absolutely wasn't anything like this. It must have been exciting as you said to see and hear the horses pounding into the games. The costumes are truly wonderful.

Marilyn Rock said...

How exciting! Thanks for sharing!