Sunday, May 16, 2010

A day in London just having fun and taking images!

As my husband is getting better, l have convinced myself that he is ok on his own for a while. Of course he is, l am just being a woman and worrying! So l decided l would go up to town, by that l mean London and spend the day taking images! So the first image is from the top of a number 14 bus, of the old college site that is now being made into luxery flats on Putney Hill!!

The next image that caught my eye, from the top of the bus, was this workman. Why? I thought that he had an interesting hat on! Simple as that!!
I love travelling on the top deck of can see so much. It does mean that often you cannot take a really good image, mainly because of the glass and if it isn't too clean...! but l think l was lucky this trip..very clean window!Ha.
A very British "Blackblack" cab driver on Regents Street...couldn't see who he was advertising for though.
The following few images were taken at Hyde Park Corner. This apparent homeless man fasinated me, mainly because of his attire. In these hard times, l suppose any of us could end up like this. His coat appears to be made of old waxed leather, his hair is in dredlocks and he wears his hat at an angle.His bag is falling apart but some how that doesn't seem to bother him. He is all dressed in black and reminds me of one of those old gunslingers of the Old Wild West fims!

The next image is of something that caught my eye the other week, while l was on a bus. So today, l got of the bus at Hyde Park Corner to go and look at this globe. There is one of these globes on each side of a Clubs big main door. I had a disagreement with tony, about which Club this was! I won!! " The Cavalry and Guards Club"!
The woman in the image below was caught in this moment in time, outside a building on Piccadily. I feel sorry for people who are addicited to smoking, it means they have to smoke outside,( if they can find anywhere they are allowed to smoke these days!) in the sunshine and the rain! I am so glad l have never smoked! I also think, that maybe woman would stop smoking, if they realised that smoking gives them lines around their mouths and cheeks, that no moisturiser can help!
This homeless man/woman was sleeping in the underpass at Hyde Park Corner. The time was 11.20 in the morning, perhaps he had had a bad night or was drunk. Either way, not a way l ever hope to end up having to live.
This piece of paper with "THANK YOU" printed on, l found on the pavement outside a church. Seemed appropriate some-how!
This squirrel was digging for a nut when l saw him, in green park. So l very slowly, step by step edged my way towards him. He was so busy with his found nut, that he completely ignored me. The image you see below, is really as close as l got! The only reason he ran was because an American woman got upset because she realised she was near a squirrel and screamed!
Yet another homeless man taking a nap where he is warm and safe, for a short lime at least.
I had so much fun watching these pigeions washing themselves in this water fountain!

I spotted this man standing in amongst the now non-flowering daffodils. He just stood there...thinking for the longest time! 
Well...what can l say about this last image except, they don't make them like this any more..Pity!


Shayna Prentice said...

Thank you for taking me away to London! A real pleasure of a post.

Marilyn Rock said...

Never been to London; felt like I just did - thank you! Great photos!