Monday, May 03, 2010

Ruby Tueday image for 03.05.2010

                                            Ruby Tuesday

The images below are may images for the Ruby Tuesday challenge!
The first image is a river Island plastic bag, seen outside a shoppiong complex in Morden.

The next image is a group of tomatoes in grates, outside a green grocer's shop in Wimbledon Village, London. I couldn't believe the tomatoes were so bright!
The next image is a piece of my own on-going collage work, on a red carpet in my flat!

Isn't the door in the next image such an amazingly bright red? What a welcoming door to come home to each night! Even the dusbin door is red!

The last image is one l took while looking at a lake near us that has sailing on it. Love the red helmet in this image.


Ralph said...

The door in ruby is a grand entrance, indeed! The tomatoes are a brilliant hue, although the more red tomatoes will be in our yard in August, to be planted next week. As always, a nice neighborhood you reside in!

Ralph said...
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Life Ramblings said...

i like your collage work, it's amazingly beautiful. and the vibrant red door is eye catching indeed.

Dave said...

Lovely series, the tomatoes look so fresh. Thanks once more for your kind comments...

Sistertex said...

Wow you got some great Ruby shots there! Love the Krispy Kreme sign. They don't have many of those shops here in MN any more. Really great enjoyed it all!

Annie said...

Nice selections but I absolutely LOVED!!!! the Krispy Kreme sign. Fabulous.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello Lynda
First of all thanks so much for your kind message in our Bonjour Luxembourg,I'm so happy with your gentle visit!
Congratulations for your beautiful and creative blog.I loved your idea about ruby Tuesday and your collages, you are very talented!
I visited London once,many years ago in January of 2010 ( please forgive my poor English okay!).We are from Brazil and now living here, it's a different experience!I hope to visit London soon, I really love London!
Also I would like to invite you when you have some free time to take a look at our kitty blog, Luna - We love Luna - she is a snowshoe cat from Brazil and also moved to here with our family.
Ahhh that red door is magnificent, I liked a lot!Great post,
Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

Menopausal musing said...

Another one who loves the red door photo! Lovely images throughout the post, but the door and the Krispy Creme sign are my favourites.

Nora Johnson said...

Gorgeous red shades of red & gorgeous photos as always!

Happy RT (belatedly!)

Have a great week!


Greyscale Territory said...

Each red image has been taken from an intriguing perspective! Lovely photos!

Daniela said...

Like your photos, the last one is my favorite :)

Manang Kim said...

Great shots!! And now I am imagining of Krispy Kreme, had a huge box last week and now I am craving again!!


Hootin' Anni said...

Krispy Kreme....deadly. LOL I love the red door photo. That is one excellent composition.

My Ruby Tuesday is a joke [PG-13] today. Do come by for a visit, won't you?!!


Euroangel said...

wow you indeed have lovely photographs..thanks for sharing!