Saturday, May 08, 2010

Train Trip in First Class Carraige!

The other day while l was wandering around Putney, waiting to catch a train up to Waterloo for work, l found a few things l had not noticed before! The image below, is one of a pair of winged females, that stand guard on a gateway to a house on The River Thames. This one had been altered with the use of blue paint!

The next image is through the front window of a house on the River Thames, beside Putney Bridge Tube Station! You can see right through their lounge, and the dining-room and straight out to the river and railway line bridge...bliss. I must admit, l would do something, maybe put up blinds, to stop people (like me!) looking through the house. No privacy is there?

As l went over to the train station, l noticed these two woman with red hair, the girl on the right's hair really glows!

The image below is something l have never seen before and l don't think it happens often!!!! The sign on the 4 sides of the famous clock, hanging  down from the ceiling in Waterloo Station. People have always used it as a meeting place and stand under it until their friend turns up!

Nothing unusual about a First Class sign on a train you say.Well....there is, so listen! It was rush hour and although the train was not crowded, l asked the guard what the proceedure was for using First Class Carraiges, when you have a second class ticket. It's ok today he said, this train was a general in service train, so that it was ok for me to sit in it and enjoly the comfort for the 20mins of my homeward journey! Sheer bliss!

The image below of the London Eye, was taken in the train,  from the now redundent Euro Star Terminal! What a waste of money! You can also see the London Eye in the distance.
Have you been on the eye? Well, it moves so slowly, that you don't realise you are actually moving. Even the people who are normally afraid of hieghts, soon forget that fact and love it. Can you see the capsual that has been removed from the wheel for maintanence?

The above image is of offices by London Bridge. They are so close together, l would think it would be awful to work there. It must be quite dark in certain windows and being overlooked by so many people must be awful, in my eyes anyway!

I took the above image, hoping to be able to show, that you could look right through the windows to the otherside and hoping to catch the sun! I am pleased with the results, hope you are too!
The image above is one from the train, as l saw the gorgeous white blossom that had come out over night.
 Last image is of the iconic Battersea Power Station. Just thought that as a silhouette and the light shining through from the setting sun, it could look quite spiritual. By that l mean, it is such a huge almost over-powering place and yet to me, it feels as if it could be a place of worship. Does that sound strange to you?


Beach House Living said...

Sounds like quite a treat! So sad the statue has an added touch of blue. Who does that?

Robin Olsen said...

What a lovely tour! I know just what you mean about the spiritual quality of some buildings. They are often so huge that they stir up awe.

Lesa said...

It is fun getting a secret peek into houses isn't it-- I've done that ever since I was a child-- I'm not sneaking around windows! heehee-- I mean getting a glimpse from the car while driving down the highway in the evening---Country people don't close their curtains like most city folks do.