Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A trip to The Weir.

On Tuesday, as l was feeling so grotty after the stitches in my foot ( dropped a sheet of glass on it!), then the tetnus injection and then Tony wiping all my contacts from my phone (by accident!)... He took me out for a surprise pub lunch at The Weir, which in Walton-on-Thamas..bless him!  It took him a while to find it, as he was following the bike ride route he found the other day. This was a dead end but l am glad he did it, otherwise l wouldn't have seen this amazingly funny sign!!

This was the view from the table we were sitting at, in the pub garden. It was lovely to hear the noise from the water and the weir, while eating a delicious meal and drinking a glass of very chilled rosie wine.
Don't you love this pub's idea for ash tays? over turned clay flower pot and tray! They really did cut the smell of stale smoke down.

While we sat there, loads of boats, of all kinds sailed past us and l have put a few in this post. The canal boat was one that made me smile. Good place to be, if for some reason you want to be in another palce than your other half!Ha
This boat below, came from Holland and was perfect, right down to the orchids on one of the window sills.
This small launch,  arrived as we did and looked like the couple in it had come to meet another family with children...guessing here but maybe grand-parents visiting?  What a lovely way to spend an afternoon..then potter home!
I love the way this fisherman has arranged to transport his gear around. No heavy carrying for this sensible. Looks like a converted shopping trolley to me, wonder if his wife knows what he used!!!Ha!

Don't know if you can see it very clearly, but the skipper is smoking a pipe, the smell lingered as he  passed the smell of pipes and cigars but cigs..NO WAY!
In the image below is a very tiny ant..the flying kind. They were swarming, so they were every where. Funnily enough they were more trouble earlier in the morning, when l was on Putney High Street, then they were here in the country, by the water!

I admired this man, as it was obvious he was no spring chicken but he was doing his bit to stay young and healthy! Well done him l say!
This boat below was is an example of the sort of motor boats that were passing both ways, as we eat our meal. Tony and l prefer sails to motors on boats, as they make less noise! but l have to admit, sitting drinking your Pims and stearing at the same time..would be easier in a motor boat!
We were surprised to see this very happy looking Community Support Officer, go and come back along the toe path, while we were there. Nice to know the water ways are being kept safe!


Beach House Living said...

Stitches ouch! Hope it heals quickly.

Angie said...

Hope your foot is getting better. Thanks for looking for #10. BTW I lived & went to school in Walton-on-Thames!

lynda Howells said...

Yes thanks..foot getting better but still sore and frustrating, as l can't get a shoe on!!x

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I am totally in love with canal boats. I'm really behind on reading my favs because we're spending time with family and busy/tired....

I hope and assume that your foot is better by now. Bummer!