Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nice day for a walk!

On Monday, l went down to Putney to try and sort out my phone..! No success! The weather was fantastic, so it was not a wasted journey. About 10 years ago, Tony used to be laughed at because he wore his large headphones, just like this young man is wearing in the image below! Ha! What goes round comes around, as they say!

While l was waiting for my bus, l noticed this very dapper gentleman crossing the road. Wonderful isn't he?
The next three images are of the sky over my bus stop. Three different skyscapes in a few feet of sky...amazing. I wish l knew more about clouds, Tony always knows what the clouds mean and what the weather is going to be like.

As l always say, remember to look up and down around you, you never know what you may miss. This cherry and, l think, a peach stone were on the red line at my feet! Wonder how they got there.
After l had got home and off the bus, l was walking my usual route, when l noticed this beautiful sight. The sun was shining and making the seeds on the thistles glow as if they were gold! So beautiful, l have taken a few images but they don't do them justice actually.

The image of the plant below caught my attention because of the purple streak on the seeds.
This next image is not a brilliant image but l love the way you can see the bee's wings in motion.
Not sure what this plant is called but l love the way it curles up into a tight ball. Also, there are so many pieces to make one head!

I am so annoyed with myself, l realise just how ignorant l am about Nature. Here is yet another plant l don't know the name of. I really must do some research before l go out again!
The white stuff below my very attrative holey, lace leaf, is a piece of paper in a plastic sleeve. Looks like snow though doesn't it.

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