Monday, July 26, 2010

The second part of Saturday's day out!

After we left Andrew and Gemma, ( see earlier entry for Saturday), we went wandering and ended up outside Twinings Tea Shop! What an amazing place and take a look at what is over the door itself!. The smells alone are a knock-out but l  never realise that there were so many different shapes of tea leaves. Some of the tea's, only come from one village and it is all done by hand, could explain the price!!. For example, from one village, the tea leaf is tied into a bow..can you imagine how long it would take to make enough "bows", to make one cup of tea? Wow! We felt that we should come here, to their little cafe, each day and try a different flavour! Could take months!
Actually we sat next door and l had an amazing cup of "leaf" English Breakfast tea and a sandwich. The image below, is what we saw while we were having our break. The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand!
From here, we ended up wandered towards Covent garden. The area was busy but the atmosphere, as usual was amazing. 
Love this couples unique and colourful hairstyles.

The next few images are of the inside areas of Covent Garden Market complex. Craft stalls, shops, eating places, a pub, performers and artists every where.

My very patient husband, sitting and waiting, while l go and enjoy myself! Bless!

This next image is of an area, just outside the covered area of the market, where there are nearly always some sort of performing artists. While we were leaving, there was a guy doing a comedy tight-rope act!
After we got our bus home, it was still quite hot and so the thought of cooking was not very high on my agenda! So we stopped and had a "BBQ" at the Green Man pub. Not what we would consider a BBQ...but it was at least some food and l didn 't have to cook it! Bliss...and we had a nice cold bottle of Rose!! No complaints there! What a nice way to end our day!


La Dolce Vita said...

love the tour! what great photos! I felt like I was there! oh yummy tea!!

Anonymous said...

I wanna play! What great shots in such a great location. And then to have a cup o' tea, fabulous :)

Angie said...

Almost makes me want to give up beach life & come & live in London! Reading all about Southwark & Bankside, book by Gillian Tindall.I do love your trips around, thanks.

Carly said...

Beautiful pictures! I really like the architecture!

Carly said...

Beautiful pictures! I really like the architecture!

lynda Howells said...

thank you so much guys for your womnderful supportive commentsxxlynda